Have You Ever Seen The Rainne — Behind the Curtain

Rainne excused herself as the others were planning on how to hijack the shipment. A strange message came through on her commlink and she stepped outside to see it. Ever perceptive of her surroundings, she scanned the area as she leaned up against the wall. She flipped open the commlink and started to read the message. The message ended up being empty. The gun adept went on immediate alert and went to go for her gun. Unfortunately, it was too late. The searing pain of electric shock spread through her body and she went limp.

She woke up in a small wooden chair in a dark room. Her senses started to come back and she realized that her legs and hands were bound to the chair. She had a gag in her mouth that was secured with duct tape. Moments later, a pair of figures came in. They were dressed in suits and spoke in an unknown language. One of them walked up and slapped her until she moved. He pulled the gag down from her mouth and warned her about screaming. Of course, the moment the gag was moved, she screamed. Instinctively she knew that the blow was coming and braced for it. The slap came strong and hard. She spit out the blood and looked at him.

The stranger started to ask questions about who she worked for and why she was attacking their interests. Confused, Rainne said nothing. The questions came back to back to back, but Rainne remained silent. Then their tactics changed. The stranger beat her with a closed fist over and over again. The same questions came again and again, however, she remained silent. A moment or two of silence was shattered with the sound of a gunshot.

Rainne screamed out in pain as the bullet pierced her leg and shattered her kneecap. The smoking gun was still pointed at her as the questioning began again. No answers came from Rainne. She only cried out in pain. The pair of strangers placed the gag back in her mouth and left the room. The silence was deafening. All she heard was the beat of her heart and the throbbing of the pain in her leg. Eventually, she succumbed to the pain and passed out. The sweet relief of rest was needed for the young woman.

The rest was interrupted by the strike of the butt of an assault rifle. She yelped as her eyebrow broke open and spewed blood. She could feel her eye begin to swell up. She seen a commlink streaming her sitting there. The voices …. those were familiar to her. Her eyes began to focus as a stranger grabbed her hand … her shooting hand. She tried to keep him from getting it, but she just didnt have the strength. He wrestled it free and pulled her trigger finger loose. She watched in horror as a pair of rusty pliers ripped and tore her fingernail off, including parts of her flesh. She screamed in pain and began to pass out again. Everything in the room faded to black.

The next thing she remembered was the sound of a car running. She was in the backseat with one of the strangers next to her. Out the window, the buildings flew by, but soon slowed down. The vehicle rounded a corner and she recognized what she seen. The housing project … the community center … Daquiri Jack … the door swung open and she was thrown out. Her hands and legs were still bound so she was not able to protect herself from the fall. The car seemed to not slow down at all as her body slammed into the concrete of the street. Her head bounced off the pavement as she felt herself slip away again. The sounds of gunfire rang through her ears as she seen QJ rushing towards her. He squeezed off a few more shots before scooping her limp body up. She breathed a sigh of relief as she knew that she was safe now. Again, everything faded to black.

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