Daiquiri Jack

Daiquiri Jack is in his mid 40’s and an impressively tall human male, standing a good 6ft 4in and weighing in at a good 320lbs. He is generally dressed in a pair of camo pants, sturdy combat boots, and a flight jacket. Occasionally, he will wear an earth-tone t-shirt, but mostly shirtless beneath his armored flight jacket. He has long dirty blonde hair with hints of gray, usually in a ponytail and tucked beneath his Ford baseball cap, light grey eyes and a fair complexion. He is armed with his custom assault rifle and a ruger superwarhawk on his hip, however, he tends to not be so heavily armed when doing his day to day tasks of keeping the Nest running.

QJ … yes QJ, which he likes to go by, has a solid street cred. He was a runner back in the day, operating out of both Chicago and the Detroit Metroplex, and turned to fixing as a way to supplement his retirement. The Nest was a safehouse for his team and when they disbanded, he opened it up to provide homes to the influx of refugees. Now it has become a self sustained “ghetto-arcology” as some have called it.

Not much is known about QJ’s personal life, other than a love of cars … the faster the better. Part of the reason why he decided to settle down here in the Motor City. He spoke of a wife, at some point, but has never discussed it since or gone into further detail. Likewise, nobody has ever thought to ask as it seemed like a sore topic.

The one thing to know about QJ, he is a straight shooter. Has has a reputation of being square with those he is involved with, assuming that they are square with him. However, he has a bit of a nasty dark side for those that have wronged or crossed him.