Behind The Curtain — Rise of the Orkus

Behind the Curtain

The dark grey cubicles were dimly lit. Hell, they always were at this time of the night. Everyone else left hours ago. The pulsating lights from the displays outside the widows danced along the floor. There was the dim glow of a single terminal in the center of the cubicle farm. Sitting at the terminal, smoking a cigarette, a lonely man blankly stares off into nothingness. The deadline for the newest simsense game was fast approaching. The design that he was working on was for one of the evil characters in the game. He was close to finishing the design and figured a few more late nights were needed. After that, his pride and joy would be finished. He takes a long final drag off the cigarette, crushed it out and closed the terminal down. He made his way out of the building and started walking down the street. He lived a few blocks away from the office. “Drek” he screamed as the rain started coming down. “Don’t they know that there is supposed to be a drought going on?” he mumbled as he walked faster. By the time he reached home, the rain had passed, but he was still soaked to the bone. He took a deep breath, opened the door and crept in quietly.

Oh your home sweetie. Your dinner is in the oven, I kept it warm for you.
Thanks mom,” he says as he heads down the the basement bedroom. “I will be back up to eat in a bit.

He put his pack on the floor and collapsed on the bed. Exhaustion finally overtook him and he drifted off to sleep. Early the next morning, he awoke to the sun shining through the small, dirty window. Next to him on the end table was a plate of soyloaf and all the sides. He smiled as the thought of how much his mom loved him. A couple of big bites later, the plate was empty. After a quick shower and clothes change, he grabbed his bag and began the trip back to the office. The day was nice and sunny out, which made his walk even better. However, when he arrived at the office and sat down at his desk, he received some rather disturbing news.

There was a notification for him that stated the project that he was working on would not be pursued any further. Additionally, the team that was working with the project would be relocated to an office in nearby Melbourne. The move from Sidney to Melbourne didn’t bother him and he was able to bring his beloved mother with him. He was more upset about the project that would go no further. He decided to take a sick day and prepare for the relocation, which would happen in a week.

The relocation went well and they were set up in their new place in no time at all. The new office was much smaller than the 90 story building he was in. The building was 2 floors and there was no lighted displays … hell, there was nothing but more small buildings and pavement around. He sighed as he went in and got settled down at his new desk. The specs for the new simgame project was in and it was some cliche simulation where you pretend to be an icon and live an interesting life. This iteration of it was supposed to have more impactful choices and those choices would have a greater global impact to the game.

What the frag …” He thought to himself.

As he set his desk up, he heard his name called. “Dennis Helvens??

Thats me” He responded. Apparently he needed to report to management and get paperwork out of the way.

Over the next few months, Helvens settled into the new place and project. While he had a distaste for the genre, he was good at what he did. In his off time, however, he continued working on the previous project. Even though it was officially dead, he couldn’t help himself to see the character’s creation through. Once it was completed, he was overjoyed with the way it turned out. He showed it to his mother and, even though she knew nothing of what she was looking at, she praised her son on his accomplishment. Later that day, she needed to go grocery shopping and asked him to go with her. He was happy to take a break and met her at the store. After they chore was finished, they walked back to their home.

All of a sudden, the sound of rumbling motorcycles, sirens and gunfire burst out. Before they could do anything but jump out of the way, a group of bikers sped by shooting assault rifles at the security forces that were chasing them, who was also shooting back. One of the bikes stopped suddenly and laid down some heavy fire. Bullets ricocheted off the nearby wall and cars. Both Helvens and his mother dropped to the ground. He felt the bite of a bullet in his leg and screamed out in pain. The security forces killed the biker and continued on the chase. Moments later, silence returned to the street. He looked around and found his mother hiding behind a garbage can and ran to her. However, his calls to her came unanswered and she didn’t move.

Mom? … Mom? … MOM!” he screamed as he grabbed and held her lifeless body. His tears ran down his face as he looked around and screamed for help. Nobody came to him … nobody was around. He caught the glimpse of the dead biker and quickly walked over to him.

You fragging son of a bitch, YOU KILLED MY MOM!” he screamed as he kicked the body. He kicked it was so much force that it flipped him onto his belly. He stopped suddenly as he seen the patch the biker was wearing.

Outlaws …” he said to himself. “The Outlaws killed my mom …” Rage, fear and sadness filled the young man. After nearly a half hour later, the CrashCart ambulance arrived. The next month was a blur as the funeral and wake passed. He was alone. He was sad. He was angry. The rage continued to build increasingly more and more. One night, while he was sitting in a chair staring at himself in a mirror, a voice came to him.

My child, I have heard your prayers. I have sensed your anger and am here to help.
Who are you?” Helvens asked, looking around.
I will be the one that can give you the power you seek for retribution.” the voice responded.
Go on …” he said with a gulp.

After a short discussion, the entity made Helvens an offer that could not be refused. The deal was made and he will get the power that he so richly desired. He went to sleep that night dreaming of the looks on the Outlaws faces as he unleashed his power. The final thought that he had before sleep overtook him was that of the character he recently finished.

Later that night, Helvens awoke to excruciating pain throughout his body. He screamed out as his legs and arms twisted and lengthened … as horns grew out from his head … as his skin burned like fire as it turned a bright red. Hours of pain went by until it finally subsided. The reprieve was short lived, however, as he felt his body get wracked with even more pain. He screamed out as his legs changed from that of a human to that of a goat. The pain was nearly too much, but his anger and stubbornness would not let the pain overtake him. It wracked him as wicked sharp claws protruded from his hands, as his back stretched and tore open to allow a set of decayed bat wings and a long pointed tail to sprout out. The rest of his body continued to turn a deep red color and became a bloated mass that was covered in oozing pustules. After two immensely pain filled days, the transformation was completed.

For hours he laid there on his bed as his strength regained. Once he was strong enough, he stood to look at himself in the mirror. Initially he was shocked and the disgusting mess that he had become. His eye caught the image on his terminal of the character that he completed. He noticed that it was nearly an identical match to what he had become. He smiled.

Dennis Helvens is dead” he stated. “Time for the rise of Orkus!

Over the next few weeks, Orkus trained with his mentor and gained the assistance of a pair of spirits until he was ready to exact his retribution.

There is one more gift that I must give you.” the entity said. “This amulet is a magical artifact that will increase your power. It gives you access to a meta-planar realm from which you will be safe. This realm is home to hordes of ghouls and spirits that are at your disposal.

Thank you master. I will keep it safe.” he responded.

Now that his training was over, Orkus devised a plan to wipe out the Outlaws. He learned of their main chapter clubhouse and that they recently spread out into Perth. “Spreading …. just like a cancer” he mumbled to himself. The plan was developed and put into place. Orkus was ready to be unleashed on the Outlaws. He activated the amulet from within the realm and sent the horde through the rift. He stepped through and used his magic to kill every last Outlaw that was there. He spotted a group fleeing and, instead of killing them, he sent his spirits after them to learn of their Perth location. He stepped back into the realm as his spirits reported the location back. This time he sent the spirits to attack and then he opened the rift. The horde of ghouls rushed out, killing those that were near. When Orkus stepped out, he was met with a powerful spellcaster that launched a particularly powerful spell. The ghouls were killed nearly immediately, but it seemed the electrical burst barely affected his blubberous body. Thinking back to his character, he realized he was missing a key part. He needed the Wand that was wielded. Acknowledging that this spellcaster was likely the most powerful here, he decided that he will do and proceeded to rip the spine and skull out.

A small group of bikers fled the field of death. Once the fight was completed, he again sent his spirits out to find the remaining survivors. Retribution for the death of his mother has been gained. Orkus smiled as he looked at the gore covered bones in his hand. He instructed the ghouls to bring the dead back into the realm, the same as he did in Melbourne, and proceeded to build his weapon.