Session 12 — Seashells By The Seashore

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Cast of Characters

  • Koalin
  • Catalyst

While the others were researching and digging into their mark, Koalin and Catalyst decided to visit a talismonger friend. They both needed to stock up on supplies and Koalin wanted to have the the bullet fragment that Acme had found in the scrapyard … the bullet that took the Prospect’s life, analyzed. The Purveyor of Metaphysical Magical Objects and Oddball Oddities had mentioned that it may have mystical properties. The pair head towards Ilishiana’s shop without their colors. They take a roundabout way to avoid being tailed. With a bounty from the Reapers on them, they had to take all precautions. Ilishiana’s shop was a small rundown hole in the wall building. When they got there, the door was open and the store was empty. With recent events that have happened, the two went on the defensive and entered the place. Koalin asked for her out loud a crash came from the back storeroom. Along with the sound of falling debris, there was a sound of pain. The pair stepped into the storeroom and found Ilishiana on the ground beneath a pile of boxes and a tipped over ladder. It appears that she was trying to get a box from the top shelf and it tipped over.

Koalin checks on her and asks if she was ok. After explaining what she was doing, he got the box down for her. Her four and a half foot frame was not enough to get it down, even with the ladder. When the box was set down, she dug through the pile of reagents, foci and other components to pull out a fist sized cut amethyst. When she went back into the other room, she asked what they needed. Koalin handed the bullet fragment over and said he would like it analyzed, based on what Acme had mentioned. She was given no prior knowledge of the fragment and went to work on it. The pair stayed to watch her work and pick up a few pointers. She placed the fragment on a table and began chanting. She used various chalks to draw sigils on the table. The fragment floated slightly in the air and moved to different sigils as the incantations flowed. After some time, she finished analyzing the item. She quietly picked the fragment up, walked back over to Koalin and placed it in his hand. She curled his fingers around it and held it there for a moment. The fragment has an essence of care and love with a slight background of pain.

The memory of the Prospect being killed flashed through Koalin’s mind as he held the fragment. Ilishiana offered to make it into a magical focus since it would be a great component. A few other components would be needed to harness and focus the item’s energy. He agreed to have it made into a focus that would help sustain his spells and she went to work on it. When she noticed that they pair was looking at reagents and lodge materials, she asked if they would be would be willing to do an errand for her. Koalin had done it for her before, so he was more than willing to and Catalyst figured why not? Down on the shore, there is an awakened shellfish that make great components and reagents. The shellfish, called a Shellskunk, would attach itself to the ground or rocks and has the ability to sense its surroundings. If it feels threatened, it will shoot water out and either dig deeper in the sand or scurry along the ground. She also warned them that spirits would upset them and to not get squirted on. They stop at a Stuffer Shack and grab a pair of shovels and buckets and went for the jetty that she directed them to.

The jetty was a wet slippery mess as they made their way out to where they would be. A few slips and falls later, they were able to spot a few of them. Catalyst was the first to go after one. He took the bucket and put it over it while using the shovel to scoop it up. He was able to get it in the bucket, but when he looked in it, a solid stream of putrid smelling fluid shot out of the creature and covered him. The smell was an intense and concentrated smell of rotting flesh that permeated the area. After a couple other tries, the two were able to get a couple of them. However, the method that they went about it was causing Catalyst to get covered in the fluid. They decided that Koalin would use his levitation magic to gently move them into a bucket. This, for the most part, worked but did result in an onslaught of streams that sprayed all over Catalyst.

Before long, they were able to get more than what was requested. They gathered a total of 20 Shellskunks and 6 pounds of various normal seashells. A lid was placed on the bucket to prevent the creatures from spraying out during transport. When they arrived at the shop, their stench preceded them. After finding out that they were very successful, getting almost twice as much as she needed, she grabbed a couple of vials and poured them on the pair. The substance in the vials caused the stench to lessen and eventually go away. Ilishiana opened up the bucket and inspected the creatures. She picked them up and moved them about with easy … but did not get sprayed. There was apparently a notch that, if pressed, would cause the creature to go limp for a little bit.

In return for the collection of the creatures and shells, she presented Koalin with a pendent focus that was made from the bullet fragment. She offered Catalyst a box of items that he would need to set up a lodge when he was ready to, along with offering herself as a mentor for them both. After a day at the beach, the pair were happy to head back to the warehouse.

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