Session 8 — Enter The Orkus

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  • Koalin
  • Crane
  • Catalyst
  • Introducing Catherine

The group was in a cheery mood after the successful raid on the construction site to get a sizable amount of commercial explosives … all but the club’s president, Rippa. Ever since the events that had happened in the cave, the shark shaman has not been the same. He had been keeping to himself, barely drinking or participating in the celebration and hasn’t held any of the daily boardroom meetings, which is a violation of club rules. Both Catalyst and Crane had approached Rippa to see if there was something bothering him … both were rebuffed. Also, during this time, Koalin had gone on another one of his walkabouts in the Outback to connect with Cat. Once Koalin returned, the trio decided to have a sort of intervention with their club president about his demeanor. In a very rare moment, Rippa opened up to the club’s Wise One. The events of what occurred in the cave had indeed affected Rippa. He acknowledged that Shark had intervened, but would not go into detail. He said that the decision he made would still be made again … a brother was a brother, however, it was at the cost of the innocent girl. This weighed heavily as he was no stranger to violence, but this kid was completely innocent and was killed by a choice that he had made. He had to … the Outlaws had to make this right some how. He just needed to find a way to do this.

The following awkward silence was broken by the sound of an approaching motorcycle and shouts fo greeting for the incoming Outlaw. However, the arrival was not a good one. The rider came into the scrapyard wounded and exhausted. He incoherently babbled on about an all-consuming fire, death and the destruction of the Melbourne chapter. Duct Tape and Jose were there with medical equipment as Rippa pushed his way in wanting more information. From what could be gathered from the rider, the chapter was attacked by a … creature … a powerful creature that killed the entire chapter. The rider and a couple of survivors fled and made their way to the scrapyard, but the fires followed. The other survivors fell just outside of Adalaide. The rider fled as fast as the bike could go, stopping only for gas.

Those in the scrapyard began to feel a tingle and the hairs started to stand up. The rider cried out “Not again …” as the feeling of static electricity began to pulse. Near the group, a ball of blue fire appeared and, on the other side, a skeleton clawed its way out of the ground. Catalyst immediately recognized these as spirits of Fire and Man … but they were from a tradition that he had no knowledge of. The Outlaws jump to the defense of their scrapyard. Koalin opened up with throwing spells and Crane took a shot with his shotgun, but it was not enough. Then he spotted his sniper rifle leaning next to the clubhouse and remembered he placed it there when they had the intervention. He quickly ran to it and grabbed it. Catalyst, momentarily struck by a panic attack as the fight breaks out, was able to summon a fire spirit of his own. The other Outlaws engaged the spirits, but their firearms were not having any effect.

Seconds later, everyone felt another tingling of static shock, but this time it was much stronger. It felt to almost burn the skin. As they looked up, a small rift seemed to appear out of thin air. The scrapyard was flooded with the stench of death and rancid decay. The rift opened wider and wider as a horde of ghouls poured out. The Outlaws shifted targets and started mowing down with automatic gunfire, but the horde kept coming. Then the rift opened wider as a large creature stepped out. Its goat legs carried a bloated, obese body with bright red skin and oozing pustules. The creatures head has a vicious set of horns and dark eyes. Decayed bat-like wings sprouted from the creatures back as it completely stepped through the rift, which then closed. Although the creature was an Oni, a metavariant of an Ork, and not all that much taller than the others, its presence was much larger. He looked around and laughed, demanding they bow to their lord … Orkus.

Knowing this to be the greater threat, Rippa immediately launched a spell. The electricity crackled between his fingers as his visage shifted to that of his mentor. The power of the spell grew to a level that nobody has seen before. Letting out a scream, the shark shaman released the powerful spell. The area filled with ghouls and Orkus was bathed in lightning. The bodies of the ghouls caught in the blast had either exploded in a shower of blood and gore or simply just melted into a pile of ooze. However, the target of the spell seemed almost unfazed. He looked over at Rippa and, with an unexpected quickness, Orkus sped over and tripped the shaman to the ground on his stomach. With only the words “You’ll do”, the creature stomped one of his goat legs down on the small of Rippa’s back, releasing a loud crack as his spine broke. Rippa let out a scream of pain as Orkus thrust his clawed hands into his back and gripped. In a moment of lucidity, Rippa looked directly into Koalin’s eyes and said one simple word …. “RUN“. Then with one smooth quick motion, Orkus ripped out the chapter president’s spine and skull from his body. With the club is shock of what they just witnessed, they were caught off guard by the onslaught of the remaining horde of ghouls. The trampled over the lifeless body of Rippa and charged into the crowd of bikers. Duct Tape, Jose and Ulric were the first line of defense and held off as much of the horde as possible in the hopes that it gives the others enough time to escape. The ghouls overran them, tearing the flesh off their bones. However, their stand was enough to give a few seconds to the others.

The remaining Outlaws all turned and fled for their bikes. The ghouls again overran them as they tried to get the bikes and go. The horde was moving towards the rest as Koalin shouted out a retreat order. Crane grabbed Catalyst’s arm, who was suffering from the effects of multiple spirit attacks, and started towards their bikes. Koalin grabbed his other arm and got hit up on the bike. Luckily, they parked them near the entrance. They fired up the bikes and spotted the prospect running towards them, but he did not make it. The ghouls tripped him up. Just before Koalin and Crane leave, he took aim with his sniper rifle and fired a single shot. The bullet flew through the air and struck true. It pierced the Prospect’s skull right between his eyes, instantly killing him. The two look at each other with a solemn nod and fled the scrapyard.

With no particular location in mind, the trio of Outlaws just rode. Thoughts went through their heads as they tried to comprehend what happened and how. One thing was for certain, they needed a place they can hide that can shield them from spirits. A thought crossed Koalin’s mind as he remembered a previous meeting with Calico, the Director of Contract Services for the Australian division of Saeder-Krupp. The warehouse they had met at was magically shielded and should provide atleast some protection. They changed course and headed there. When they arrived, they found the shield intact and the warehouse empty. The three of them were safe … for now.

A little later, Koalin gets a call on his commlink from Catherine. Catherine is an Outlaw from the Melbourne branch and fled the attack. She was separated from the others that were fleeing and arrived at the scrapyard in Perth, which Koalin immediately told her to just ride away in any direction. She wasn’t safe there. Concerns were brought up about Orkus and his spirits trailing her, but that was a risk they had to take. This was an Outlaw and she needed protection. Directions were given to her and she arrived safely at the warehouse. The three became four and how they sit, battered and bruised, trying to comprehend the events of the day and how to proceed.

2 thoughts on “Session 8 — Enter The Orkus

  1. As soon as the others started settling down in the warehouse, Kaolin slipped into a back corner. He gazed sightlessly out a window into the black night. He pulled out his commlink and started to dial Thorn’s number, but stopped before completing it and connecting.  What if they’re back tracing all calls to the MC, to people’s comms? He froze as the names and faces came unbidden, while he started at his comm’s screen. Dozens of people, some he knew well, others not so well. Axel, Thomas, Crowe, Lex, Charlene. Thorn…. 
    Oh god, Thorn. The nearest thing to a father he’d known was gone. The grief quickly overwhelmed Kaolin, and he sobbed quietly. Tears flowed down his face as the loss hammered his brain, his heart. And the worst was he couldn’t be sure… Catherine had made it clear and all the way to Perth, maybe others had too. But the risk was too great. Not yet, we need to be safe, and make sure that trying to find survivors would bring down heat on them again. He couldn’t risk it. Slowly the tears faded as Kaolin focused on the here and now. That was a trick he’d learned after losing his parents. Stay alive; stay in the here; don’t think about what you lost, think about what’s now. 
    Kaolin walked back into the main room, speaking confidently and strong.  “Ok, the way I see it our short list of needs is …”

    Holy shit, I don’t know what to do. We are so done. We barely survived – for now. If we manage to survive further, we will never be able to wear our colors in the open again. There is no chance we can engage that devil, and his ghosts, and undead with any hope of success. And I am helpless. Damn magic, spoils the world for the mundane! Reduces the normal people to some pawns in a game of those enlightened arseholes. We are ants under their heels, if they grow powerful enough. And as we just saw, regarding magical power there seems to be no limit. I so hate this magic in the world! It is a scourge of mankind.
    Yeah, now I have a plan. I will join a society that hunts down any magic and magical users. Oh for Christ’s sake, I will never let my brothers down, even not the super duper hocus pocus guys – well, guy, since everybody else is dead. Rippa… oh he was a legend, so tough, such a great leader. And now he is gone, squished and his bones ripped from his body. If there is fate, it is an evil grinning, sadistic douchebag with a weakness for corny jokes.
    *The panicky agitation of Crane fades away and makes room for a deep grief.*
    I miss Rippa, I miss all of them. May there be a place they can still wear our colors proudly.

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