Session 9 — The Aftermath, part 1

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  • Koalin
  • Catalyst

The Outlaws were no more and the former Perth chapter was in disarray. Three survived the assault on the scrapyard and there is one known survivor from Melbourne. Currently, they are held up in a protected warehouse that was used by their S-K contact. Not wanting to upset Calico, Kaolin contacted her and explained the situation. She agreed to allow them to stay there for a week and assess their status. Afterwards, if they would like to stay longer, then she may have an opportunity for them to earn it. Koalin agreed and discussed with the other to find out what to do next. Crane and Catherine were working to get some information off the matrix and from their contacts. Catalyst and Koalin decide on doing a couple of tasks. 1. They need to get some shopping done. 2. They need to see what supplies can be salvaged from the scrapyard. Deciding on the salvage first, they cautiously made their way back over to there. Catalyst conjured a fire spirit to survey the area for anything alive, but nothing was found. With all the caution they could muster, they pair sneak back into their scrapyard. Almost immediately, Koalin has memories of when the prospect was killed at the very spot he stood. Closer look and there are no signs of what had occurred. No bodies, no blood spots … nothing. Not finding any opposition, they quickly scavenge around to see what they could find. Between the two, they were able to recover a couple of medkits, a brother’s katana, some heavy pistol ammo and some personal effects. Koalin was again struck by a bit of reminiscence as he entered the club’s meeting room. Memories of the excitement of getting the custom made table, memories of Rippa wielding the custom gavel made from an engine piston and the last discussion they had with him. The flood of emotions was almost enough to overtake him, but he shook it off and continued what they needed to do. Coming out of the building, they notice that the Bulldog is still intact. The armor that Duct Tape put on it had protected it. The two loaded up the Bulldog with what they could salvage and with any motorcycle parts that Catalyst could gather. At one point, he walked by with a gas tank that had a shark emblazoned on it. Koalin immediately recognized it as Rippa’s bike and paused for a silent moment.

With the truck loaded up, they hit the road and left the area. Catalyst, with his bike loaded in the truck, left alone while Koalin left another way. Cautious and concerned about the possibility of being tracked, the Bulldog was parked in a strip mall that was out of the way. Koalin stopped by a Stuffer Shack to grab a bug scanner, tag eraser and some burner phones. He took off his cut and rolled it up under his arm. Didn’t want to attract any unneeded attention. While inside, a trio walked in and caught his attention. A very large and familiar troll that was flanked by a pair of orks. They were wearing Reaper colors. Not needing a confrontation with them by himself, Koalin only purchased a couple of items while they were in the back and left the store. Just as he left, the trio came out from the back. He as able to get away safely. Still needed some items, he stopped at another store and grabbed what was needed. In his mind, he could have sworn that the first store was outside of Reaper territory, but what where they doing there? Making a note of the store, he proceed to meet up with Catalyst and cleared any tags that were found. Once back at the warehouse, they suddenly remembered that there was an RPK heavy machine gun on a Jeep back at the scrapyard, which was a gift from the Bronze. Not wanting to draw any attention, Rippa kept the vehicle stored away hidden from view. The pair went back to see if they could get that.

Koalin covered himself with an invisibility spell and Catalyst conjured another spirit to help conceal him further. He was dropped off nearby and the cat shaman snuck his way in again. He was about to take a step away from the cover of a building when he began to feel static electricity tingle along his body. The hair on the back of his neck stood up on end … a feeling of dread as this was a familiar feeling. He stepped back as the claws of a skeleton spirit burst out of the ground. The spirit clawed itself, looked around … and spotted where Koalin was. This was the time that he also heard footsteps from behind him. Fearing that this was the end, he steeled himself for a fight when a long tail and a fluffy butt walked past him. The cat spirit got the skeleton’s attention and drew it away. A voice in Koalin’s head said one word. “run” Heading his mentor spirit’s warning, he fled back to Catalyst and back to the safety of the warehouse. Knowing that spells and spirits can be tracked, these were dropped well away from the warehouse. They two decided to discuss their next steps with the others and see if a full force raid on the scrap yard would be worth it.

Koalin, with one of the burner phones, stopped by the ocean to try and make some calls. None of his contacts were answering. Fearing the same with his mentor Thorn, he called the number. Expecting no answer, and dreading the knowledge of what that means, he was surprised when it connected. The connection lasted for only a thought and there was just two simple and clearly defined clicks before the connection was lost. Remembering back to his teachings, this was one of Thorn’s codes. He was on the lam … but he was alive. Koalin tossed the burner into the ocean and headed back home.

3 thoughts on “Session 9 — The Aftermath, part 1

  1. In a back corner of the room, Kaolin set up his sleeping back and started to prepare for the night. He took off his jacket and stared at his colors were hand painted. His finger lightly tracing the design, lost in thought.
    He reviewed the visits to the junkyard, and the events that happened there. What had changed, why did that skeleton show up the second time and not the first.
    He’d been quite scared when the beast and nearly froze in place when it looked right at him. He paused a moment in his thoughts to silently express his gratitude to the cat. He was reminded of the times when he’d been saved by cats of various kinds. From a small kitten that set of an alarm back in Melbourne, to the jaguar that had chased him up a tree and kept him there, only to have a flash flood hit the valley while was still treed. It seemed odd to Kaolin that the help had been so open this time. Usually it was much more subtle. He’d have to think up a way to express his gratitude somehow.
    His mind returned to the questions of the junkyard and the visits. Why didn’t the skeleton come out the first time? And why didn’t they see it when they checked with astral perception? It wouldn’t have been able to hide in the ground from astral sight. The only differences that came to mind were that they hadn’t scouted as carefully the second time, and they had used magic. Could that have been what set off the guardian? Or maybe set off some sensor the first time, and the master had sent the spirit to check it out?
    Kaolin considered the value of going back another time, maybe in a few days. Let their guard drop a bit, and then go back. He considered the risk and decided that it might be worth the effort. Maybe also have Catalyst do some spirit spies too? The deciding factor was that, if they worked it right, they could also leave some sign for others. Ever the optimist, Kaolin wanted to be sure that if any other stragglers came in from the main chapter, they wouldn’t get caught in a trap. He supposed that at worst case, they could just set off those explosives and level the place. That out to send the message. 
    Heaving a big sigh, Kaolin set the jacket aside and settled in for the night, he was going to need all the rest he could get. It was looking to be a long day, and he had to get up early to take a guard shift.

  2. Oy bugger, the more time that goes by the more I realize I am not being paranoid enough. There are eyes everywhere. Drones in the sky, spirits popping out of the ground. How much do we even know about this sheila Calico? I know she knows a lot more about me than I do about her. She gives me heebie jeebs and a loyal corpy for a dragon. Spirits I don’t want to stay here another moment. Maybe, I need to ask Kaolin and Crane, what they really know about Calico. They did a job for her, before I got here. They seem pretty cautious too, but probably because they have been smart enough to survive this far they know well enough not to trust anyone that isn’t colors. Drek its 3 am? I can’t sleep with all these unknowns. Maybe just a dose to help me sleep.

    What a bravery, returning to the place of our devastating defeat. I am deeply impressed by Catalyst and Kaolin. At first I considered it suicidal. After their return I considered it as our death sentence and expected this Orkus appearing any second. Now, I think it was a bold move that maybe is rewarded. But let us not praise the day before the evening. Independent of that, I should stop being such a coward. After this catastrophe I should expect death, but not as a coward! Crane, put yourself together! It’s time for acting like an Outlaw. Otherwise I am giving up already. And that favor I wouldn’t do for that cliche-ridden caricature of an evil overlord.

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