Session 10 — The Aftermath, part 2

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Cast of Characters

  • Koalin
  • Catalyst
  • Crane
  • Catherine

Still reeling for the brutal attack by Orkus a few days before, the Outlaws start making plans to rebuild. Thier agreement with Calico was only for a few weeks or the rest of the month if they were willing to follow up on a possible opportunity. Knowing that they had limited time where they were, they set out to find a new safehouse. Some were promising, but they decided to go with another warehouse. Crane gave a call to Momma, one of his contacts for fake SINs, to get one for the warehouse. The idea was to use it as a front and help generate some income. During this conversation, Momma revealed that she was having an issue with one of her ‘recipes’ and that a ‘bad ingredient’ needed to be removed from it. They were all invited over to her house for some food the day after tomorrow to discuss the recipe and to get the SIN. Since they are going to help her, Momma gave them a discount on it.

At the same time that Crane was talking to Momma, Catalyst reached out to “Captain”. Captain was a smuggler friend of his and there was talk about earning some nuyen by getting into the drug trade. The Captain had the supplies he needed on hand, so the four of them made their way to his bar … “The Captain’s Crunch”. When they arrived, Catalyst went in the back with Captain and the others grabbed a table. The table was dirty with dirty glasses littered around. The trio took a seat and surveyed the room. Catalyst was in the back with Captain when he was given an ominous warning. The Reapers have taken out a bounty on the Outlaws. They needed to leave. With a nod of understanding, Catalyst grabbed his ingredients and left out of the back room.

Both Catalyst and the Captain exited the back room and he gave a nod to the other Outlaws. Then, in an almost slow motion sequence that would be seen in a summer blockbuster trid, a large troll with a scythe and four orcs came walking through the door. The Reapers were here. Luckily, none of the Outlaws were wearing their colors. The troll scanned the room and had some words with Captain. The Captain tried to buy an opening for the crew to leave by telling the troll tha they had just left and which direction they headed. Seemingly taking the hint, the Reapers leave.

Then a shot rings out. Catalyst looked to Captain with a nod of thanks when a bullet came through the window, past Catalyst and struck Captain in the chest. The Captain drops in a heap as three cylinders came through another window … grenades … The group dive behind the bar with the hopes that it would help protect them from the incoming explosion. On the way over, Koalin quickly cast a spell and flung one of the grenades out of the window and dove behind the bar. The two in the bar went off first. One of them emitted a bright flashing light as the other started to let out gas. From the outside, the grenade that Koalin flung exploded. This was followed by secondary explosions as one of the parked cars exploded. Catalyst leaped into action and ran up to the gas grenade, grabbed it and threw it out the window. While this did save the group from the gas, it hit him at nearly full strength. Catalyst immediately dropped to his knees and began vomitting. His skin and eyes burned. Each breath made his lungs burn. Through the pain though, Catalyst gave the others a thumbs up.

Keeping an eye out the window, Crane spotted what he thought was the troll. But between the gas, flashing lights and other distractions, he was not able to positively identify him. Not wanting to miss the chance to take out of the Reapers, he lined his sniper rifle up and aimed for the head. He let out an exhale of breath and lightly squeezed the trigger. The bullet struck true and the target dropped. After a few moments, the sound of motorcycles could be heard leaving. Seeing this as thier opportunity, the group grabs Catalyst and flees out of the door. There was a moment of relief when they found that thier motorcycles were still intact.

Unfortunately, they also found the target that Crane shot. It was indeed a troll, but it was a woman. Her head was taken clean off by the shot and her three kids were gathered on her body screaming and crying. Pausing momentarily to take in the sight, they decided they needed to leave. There was nothing they could do for the children at this point. They mounted the motorcycles and fled the bar. On the way back to the warehouse, they stop to get some gear. Since they did not wear thier colors, they did not have the protection they needed in case they were involved in another shootout.

Following on a decision made earlier in the day, the club heads for the scrapyard that was once thier safehouse. The assault of the entity that called himself “The Orkus” was still fresh in thier minds as they approached the gate. Some quick surveillance and found that there is some sort of illusion spell in place, but Koalin was not able to determine what it was. Just before they were about to go in, the front gate opened. An older man dressed in overalls and having a scruffy beard walked out pulling a wagon. When asked who he was, he said his name was Acme — Purveyor of Metaphysical Magical Objects and Oddball Oddities and he was there to check for any magical remnants. There was only one item that he found that was of interest to him. There was a small stone that he found that has some sort of negative manical aura. When Koalin went to take a closer look at the small stone, he found that it was actually a spent bullet. Acme pointed out where it was found and a flood of emotions came back to them. The spot was where Crane shot the prospect to save him from being torn apart. He laid claim to the item and Acme relented. The club loaded the commercial explosives into the jeep and headed back to the warehouse. Things were different now, but one thing was for sure. Crane was now out for blood. The day ended with discussions on how they were going to eliminate the Reapers … or die trying.

3 thoughts on “Session 10 — The Aftermath, part 2

  1. *Catalyst is back at the warehouse trying to process the events of the night a vauge lingering burning in his eyes and throat still remained. A kind of scratchiness all over. His ears teared up but this time not because of the gas* Captain… dammit CAPTAIN! You should have never answered that commcall. Bloody drekwit Reapers! Gods, the bliss. So many people dead over this damned stuff. *Catalyst goes to his stash. Grabs a dose of Bliss and goes outside to smash it on the ground but stops himself at the apex* Drek, what am I doing? The club needs what little we got for some money and what good will smashing it do? *Catalyst leans back up against the outer wall of the warehouse and tries to discreetly do a dose of bliss and then quickly thumbs out a cigarette he bought from a pack at the stuffer shack to explain his  frequent disappearances and lights it. His eyes squints as he drags in a long breath.* Drek! Drek drek drek drek drek drek drek drek drek. Hot steaming wallaby anus! *Catalyst then lets out a smokey deep exhale and goes back inside*

  2. Pulling out from the scrapyard, Kaolin fell in behind the jeep. His hands tightened on the grips as he seethed. “They put a bounty on us? And call us has beens?” he growls to the wind. “We’ll see who’s the has-been when we’re done. I think it’s time for us to make the Reapers pay, but also to leave their mark on the world.” It might bring down the heat of that Orkus dude, but Kaolin was tired of being the mouse. It was time to be the cat. “Hope that Mamma’s little issue really is little. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on more side crap, it’s time to get a little primal on the Reapers, and show them who not to mess with.” Cat’s may play with their food, but only to make sure it was well and dead. A cat on the stalk was no mercy, and Kaolin was now on the hunt.

  3. Once in my life I witnessed Karg Unujuat, a famous religious orc who was a well known activist against metahuman discrimination, saying on trideo: “If god wants one to live, nothing can kill him. If god wants one to die, nothing can save him. If you are goblinized, god wants you dead.” Now I think, he was right. The dead woman, and crying children will hunt me in my sleep for a long time. But what should you expect from a criminal. Because that is what we are. We followed a path of violence. I followed that path. And I am a murderer of innocents. How naive could I be to believe I would only kill among my kind – criminal scum of the world. This path can never be a clean one, in spite of codes whatsoever. So I will follow the path, because there is no turning back. Luckily, god wants me to live, doesn’t he?

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