Session 11 — Dinner with Momma

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  • Koalin
  • Catalyst
  • Crane
  • Catherine
  • Introducing Suzie

After the recent events, Crane has been hitting himself hard. His actions took the life of an innocent person. He was thankful, and hopeful, that the explosions at the construction site where they acquired some commercial explosives did not harm anyone. However, this was debunked when Catalyst informed him of the NewsNet reports that said multiple people were killed. This sent Crane into a further downward spiral. Wanting to numb the pain, he asked the Brewmeister if he had anything that would help. Reluctantly, he passed him some Bliss to take. Never taking it before, Crane dropped it without a second thought. It hit immediately and he began to feel the pain dissipate. His body and mind began to relax as he slumpt over in a corner of the warehouse.

During this time, Catherine gets a frantic text from another club member. Suzie was in the fight with Orkus in Melbourne and fled just as she did. A geolocation ping was sent back and Suzie showed up a hour or so later. Everyone already knew her and was glad that she survived. The Outlaws needed all the brothers and sisters they could get. Seeing the pain that they were all in from the recent events, Suzie drew on her powers and cast a spell that induced a pleasurable sense on everyone. The rest of the day, the club was slumpt over as the pain washed away.

The next night, they had a meeting with Momma to discuss some work she has in return for a discounted fake SIN. When they arrived at Momma’s house, which was a formal double-wide on the outskirts of town. The structure had a makeshift kitchen, awning and dining area set up just outside. A sentry drone was spotted as they approached, but it did not activate. They were met by Momma when they parked. She was a human female of Italian descent that was middle aged and well-endowed in the bosom and the booty. She welcomes them with a hearty hello and directs them to the outside dining area.

Momma brings out a huge pot of pasta and serves everyone a hefty helping. Then passes out fresh garlic bread and salad. During dinner, they all make small talk, but take caution not to discuss business until after the meal. They really didn’t want to offend her. A few individuals were spotted off in the distance by Koalin and he signaled the others to the possible threat. When Crane asked, Momma confirmed that they protected her.

When the meal was completed, Momma told them about this “bad ingredient” she had. A young man had borrowed a sizable sum of money from her and recently stopped making his payments. She and her associates have been unable to reach him. Furthermore, there have been rumors that he has come into a windfall of nuyen, which if true would anger Momma. The young man was named Jason Snowgrass. He has been spotted near the lower docks and around the Parliament building downtown, but that has not been confirmed.

Momma wanted to ensure that Snowgrass felt Momma’s “concern” for him. She gave them a simsense recorder and wanted Snowgrass to be hooked up to it. Then the MC is to beat the holy drek out of him. She gave the strict instruction to NOT kill him. Some details were sorted out for the full recovery of the debt and a possible bonus, then the club left to get started.

Suzie when to look for some work and ask around in the more seedier parts of town while some background research was done. Not much was found out about him, but she did learn that he was a patron to some of the adult oriented entertainment establishments by the docks. So with the information they have, they will proceed with checking the dock area, since the government building is closed for Sundays. If nothing could be dredged up there, then they were going to stake out the building the next day.

2 thoughts on “Session 11 — Dinner with Momma

  1. Kaolin noticed Suzie start her spell, and recognized the pattern in the first bit as an illusion. From comments he’d heard when he was at the main chapter she was free about using the pleasure spell, and he knew that it was mostly harmless. But Kaolin didn’t want to feel better, he wanted to embrace his rage. He wanted to rip the Reapers apart and tear them limb from limb. He also didn’t feel safe in this temporary hideout, and wanted to be sure someone stayed alert in case of trouble.

    He paced about a while, as the others reveled in the grips of her spell too energized to rest, too worried to sleep, and too enraged to sit still. Finally, when the rest had fallen asleep, or were too lost in their bliss to care, Kaolin slipped into a back room. Locking the door, and listening closely he made sure no one was around. Sure that he wasn’t going to be observed, Kaolin pulled out his Comlink, and pulled up the book app.

  2. Ignorance is bliss, it is said. But nowadays it is also the other way round. “Bliss is ignorance”, as I realized in a first hand experience. While zoning out in a world never imagined before, far away from every sorrow and even inconvenient thought, I was happy. Happy because I did not know anything at all anymore. Not even who I was, who I am. Waking up with a headache and a strong desire to just enter the beautiful realm created of my drugged, warped mind, I realized that I will never come to terms with what I did. Because after every shot of Bliss I would always come back to the harsh realization what I did, what I have become. So instead of indulging in ignorance, I wanted to make amends – by taking revenge out on the Reapers. I can still give meaning to my path, by destroying the people who led me to my grave error. For that I need my mind, I need my senses. After that, maybe a little Bliss now and then …

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