Session 13 — Girls, Interrupted

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  • Koalin
  • Crane

After getting the seashells, Koalin and Crane jump on finding Jason Snowgrass, Momma’s jumper. The planned date on moving into the new warehouse is a week away and they need to get the fake SIN before they do. Previously, they had learned that he hangs out on the docks and around the parliament building. Early in the morning, the two head down to the docks. Early morning is the best time down here and its busy since the boats are coming in. The fish markets are open, food stands and cafes are busy and the docks are bustling. Needing to blend in while they look for their man, Koalin pretended to be a food critic and went from cafes to food stands and ordered food. He ate the food while actively scanning the traffic. Crane took a different approach and blended in with the shadows of a door stoop. When that didn’t produce anything, he went to find some day labor. Unfortunately, there was no more day labor needed for the day so he had his name placed on the waitlist.

After about 3 hours, they were not able to find him and headed over to the parliament building. It was getting close to lunch time there, so they might catch him there. The pair grabbed some drinks and sat outside a cafe as the building emptied for lunch. They scanned the people walking by as they went into the various cafes, but they could not see him. They waited longer and were finally able to spot him as he headed back into the parliament building. He was dressed in a suit and appeared to work there. Concerned about this, Crane did some more searching on the Matrix. He found that he was married with two kids and owned a condo nearby. So close that he likely walked to work. He was a clerk at the Parliament building and his uncle was a politician there, which was very concerning.

The plan that was developed was to follow him after work and hopefully catch him going into a strip club down by the docks. As they started following him, he stopped when a green sedan pulled over. He leaned in and words were spoken. The car left and he continued on his way. A quick look at the car revealed that the driver was a woman and there appeared to be two kids in it. The car matches what was found on his social media earlier. It was assumed that this was his wife and kids, so they continued to follow him. The plan caught a monkey wrench when he did not head for the docks, but instead headed home and went into the condo building.

The security in the area was high, due to the proximity of the parliament building, so they knew it would be tough to snatch him up here. This was why they hoped he was going to the docks. Koalin tailgated into the building after other residents went in. He faked scanning a badge, as they did, when entering. The pair of woman stepped into an elevator and left the lobby. Quickly, Koalin opened the door as Crane came in. They knew where the condo was, so they headed up to the fourth floor, using the stairs, and found the place down the hall. Koalin made quick use of the autopicker and popped the lock. Once inside, they found Jason Snowgrass in the kitchen cutting up vegetables.

The Cat shaman snuck up on him in an attempt to hit him with a tranq patch and hopefully knock him unconscious without drawing any attention. However, just as he got up to him, he pushed some vegetables parts down the garbage disposal and spotted Koalin out of the corner of his eye. Just as Koalin went to hit him with the patch, he moved out of the way and swung at him with the knife in his hand. Crane, who already had his gun that was loaded with stick n shock in hand, moved up to him and stuck the gun in his face. The blood left Jason’s face as the gun was pointed at him and Koalin said that they were there for Momma. After some pleading, Jason tried to convince them that he did not have the money to pay her back yet. After even more pleading and a failed patch attack attempt, Crane finally shot him in the face with the stick n shock. His body dropped limp to the ground … unconscious. A quick cleanup around and they started to get him ready to leave the apartment. They wanted to make it look like he never arrived. However, as they were about to move him, a pair of little girls came running in and yelled for their daddy. A woman also turned the corner of the doorway and found her husband on the ground between the two intruders. Her girls were in between their mother and them. She quickly grabbed the girls and was about to scream.

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  1. The commlink rang, then went to voicemail. “At the beep, leave a note,” growled Catalyst, followed by the obligatory annoying tone.

    “Catalyst, where are you? I’ve been trying to reach you for hours man. I understand Suzy going off half cocked, but you and Catherine? What’s going on? Look, we’ve got Snowgrass in sight, and I want you here when we do the nab. I don’t want to throw my weight around, but you better get your ass over here or I’m going to rip you a new one.” Kaolin mashed the disconnect button, and tried to reign in his frustration, as he continued to follow the mark. 

    We don’t need them, probably. It’s just a con. We should be good with just Crane and I. The plan is simple, and the wife’s out of the way. A drone passed by over head, drawing his eye, then as it went out of sight his graze lowered to the security camera on the building across the street. He pulled out his commlink again, and started scrolling through the contacts. As he scrolled, the target turned into one of the housing buildings. Kaolin paused outside the door, and scrolled faster. Too many names brought pain, brothers now lost with the Main Chapter’s fall. His thumb paused over a name, and he hesitated… then came down on the dial button next to the name “Tors”.

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