Session 16 — Two Guards and a Helicopter

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  • Koalin
  • Crane

Just two guards …. that was all the security that this place had. Sure, there were security drones flying about, but that would be expected since it was next to an airport. Over a few days of research, the team learned that there were shipping containers that were brought in and sent out. Some of the containers were unpacked and sent out the same day, others were stored for later. Multiple times a day, a cargo helicopter would arrive and leave. Generally, there was a group of suits that would depart or arrive and, on occasion, crates were delivered or picked up. There were only a small number of employees that worked at the location. It seemed that there was only a day shift as the only personnel that was on duty over night were a pair of guards.

After getting a good idea of the layout of the building, the team planned on where they would plant the six explosive packages. It appeared that the structural supports were located on each of the four corners and front / rear center. This was where they decided to plant them.

The only thing left to discuss and decide was how to make their entry. A few ideas were tossed around, but it was ultimately decided that they would utilize the armored jeep to bust through the gate. The mounted RPK would make short work of the guards and any other resistance they may encounter. Crane would man the gun while Koalin drove. Catalyst would be the one to exit the vehicle and plant the explosives. Since there were only two guards at night, they decided it would be best to hit it then.

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  1. The drawing of the warehouse lay implacably on the wall, impervious to Kaolin’s stare. “There has to be another way,” He muttered to himself. But they’d already gone over the options again and again. There was no cover to sneak in from the front. There was no access from the back, since it butted up against the airport. And the sides were in clear view of the guards. No time or means to get a truck and fake up a way to get in. There was no other way they could get at the building, and the drugs inside, but through the guards. And there was no way to tell how fast the response times would be. With all those drones around, any action was bound to be spotted, so they didn’t have time to get inside and be more selective. Well, he thought, the Reapers will for sure know that the Outlaws still ride, and aren’t just going to forget their insults.

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