Session 17 — Delivering Vengeance

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  • Koalin
  • Crane

The preparations were made, the plans were set and vengeance would soon be theirs. The team mapped out a driving route to the warehouse and an exit strategy. It was decided that they would flee out to the bush for a day or two and let the heat die down. They trio loaded up and made their way to the warehouse. After having to take a slight detour due to some traffic issues, the armored jeep comes to a stop to take a last look. It was confirmed that there were no employees and only the two guards were there.

The armored jeep sped down the street towards the gate. Crane unleashed the RPK to spray down the guard shack as Koalin breached the gate and headed towards the first planting point. Catalyst ran out to plant the package. The two guards fired back at them and called out for backup on their radios. They were easily mowed down by the heavy machine gun. During the gun fight, Koalin tossed his combat knife and used a spell to fling the blade into the chest of one of the guards. Immediately afterwards, he felt a deep regret and the disappointment of his mentor spirit. Cat teaches him to not attack with lethality at first and to toy with his prey. This had not happened.

Catalyst ran back to the Jeep and they planted the remaining bombs. On the final point, an aerial drone rounded the corner to face them. Again, it was quickly taken down by the heavy machine gun. All of the packages were delivered, so they Jeep fled back through the front gate and onto the street. It stopped momentarily as Catalyst triggered the explosion. The warehouse went up in an immense eruption of fire and debris. It took a few seconds for the sound and shockwave to hit the Jeep and the team looking in awe of it. Debris continued to fall as the team fled the scene and out into the bush. The deed was done and vengeance was served.

After setting up camp, Crane checked on the matrix for any news regarding the incident. There was a breaking news alert about an explosion at a Hendricks Shipping warehouse and that investigators were on the scene. It went further to detail that the warehouse was a distribution hub that delivers medical supplies to area and regional hospitals. Further checking, Crane was not able to find any claim of ownership of the warehouse and not a peep from the Reapers.

They headed back to the railway station and decided it was time to get Crane a cyberdeck. After some checking around, Momma messaged back that she knew of a possible shipment that may have some gear they could use. An appointment was set up to discuss the shipment and any terms she may have.

Koalin also received a call from Calico, their contact with S-K that operates out of Perth. She mentioned that some footage of the incident at the warehouse shows both Koalin and Catalyst in the Jeep. She stated that she has suppressed the footage as she did not want to lose them as assets, but it came with a price that is yet to be determined.

1 thought on “Session 17 — Delivering Vengeance

  1. Calico hung up, the veiled threat still hanging in the air. Kaolin opened up the notes app on his Commlink and scrolled furiously, looking for the file. He’d kept a copy of the notes from the “interview” of the Reaper. Did they get the wrong address? Had they missed something? He clearly recalled the reaper listing out the warehouse as a drug cache point.
    Calico was right about one thing: the Outlaws couldn’t afford attention from the Corpies. The Corpies had too many ways to find them, and enough power to wipe out a hundred gangs the size of the original chapter without blinking, much less the few remnants that were left. They had to be more careful and get more info about the places they were hitting. But how? 
    One way was to make sure the info they got was good. Kaolin remembered a spell formula sitting in his saddle bags. Ironically the spell had been provided by S-K. If he’d had that spell when they did the interview, he would have known if the guy was telling the truth or not. He hadn’t had the formula then, and ee still didn’t have time to learn it, but soon he’d have to work on fixing that.

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