Session 18 — A Line On Some Gear

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Cast of Characters

  • Koalin
  • Crane

The cockatrice chicks are doing good. They are hungry little buggers, but after some trial and error, Crane was able to figure out the right way to get them fed. The news of the explosion in the shadows is bleak. There has been no linkage to the Reapers as they had been told. Either the connections are deeply layered or the information they were provided was incorrect. However, the damage was done and they needed to move forward. When things calmed down, they may have a chance of investigating further to determine the connection with the Reapers. For now, they needed to get some gear. They have gone too long without any income, but to get the good nuyen, they needed better gear.

Some feelers were sent out and, as it so happens, Momma has a line on some intel. When the pair arrived, it appeared that Momma has increased her security a bit. There have been some flak from their last job they did for her, but it was nothing that she couldn’t handle. When the meal was over, they got down to discussing business. Momma received some intel on a shipment from Darwin to Perth. From what was gathered, the Hellhound truck train is headed south along the coast. Wuxing is shipping this cargo this way to avoid the the pirating at sea and the dangers of inland travel.

The information seemed that it was going to be a bit more than they could handle. However, if they could convince the Bronze to help them, then the chances of success greatly increase. The pair meet up with Turk and the Bronze at one of their safe houses near an old army base. The two Outlaws laid out their offer and Turk called a club meeting. While they discussed this amongst themselves, both Crane and Koalin waited in the bar. After about an hour, they were called back for their decision. It was decided that the Bronze will assist the remnants of the Outlaws in this job. Momma would get her promised first pick and the Outlaws would get their small share of the loot. The remainder would be for the Bronze. Turk brought up an AR map of the region and mapped out the route the shipment was going to take, then they started discussing the details.

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