Session 19 /20 — The Big Score

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  • Koalin
  • Crane

Author’s Note: This includes Session 19 — Size Matters, Apparently session as the session was spent discussing and planning.

A plan was developed where Koalin and Crane would board the train from the rear while the Bronze supported them and kept any defenses targeting them instead of the pair. Hijacking the whole train proved to be too daunting, so they decided to grab the last five trailers.

The Bronze was able to provide support as Crane and Koalin boarded the train one car forward. They were able to successfully uncouple the rear support and the water tanker that they were aboard. However, not before the rear support exposed their defenses. It was expected, but the cannons that appeared were not what they expected. They opened fire on the Bronze vehicles. The pair made their way over the tanker to the next coupling. Meanwhile, the Bronze were keeping the guns on the rear support from turning on the hijackers.

Unfortunately though, the jig was up and the hijacking was now known. A grouping of armed support vehicles made their way to the rear. Along the way, the pair was spotted, so the vehicles fired on them as they passed. However, Koalin had a suprise. The Wise One called forth a barrier, but positioned it to where it would catch the support vehicle at an awkward angle. When the vehicle hit the barrier, it caused the car to catch on one side, flipped multiple times and crashed.

The remaining vehicles engaged with the Bronze, who also had a few surprises. One of them launched a pair of missles that took out the rear support trailer in a fiery explosion. About this time, the pair of hijackers were able to reach and uncouple the second of the targeted five carts. The first was the rear support, which was destroyed, and the rest of the targeted trailers were what they were after. This one was a water tanker and the next was the first of a pair of cargo trailers.

The process to move across and uncouple the first cargo trailer went much smoother. Now the Bronze was able to hook up and leave with two trailers. As they made their way up the next trailer, Crane took a crossbow bolt that was fired from a couple of trailers ahead. A large armored minotaur, armed with an assault rifle with an attached crossbow weapon. The two traded shots back and forth as Koalin tried to reach the top of the trailer to join in. The turbulence and wind was bearing down on him, which severely hindered his efforts.

Crane was able to get some good shots on the minotaur, but he was pretty well defended. Seeking to end this quick, the minotaur launched a pair of grenades at the hijackers. The first went high and overshot the pair, while the second landed just before them and exploded on the front of the trailer. Shrapnel and fire burst from the trailer. When Koalin was finally able to join in, he repeated his trick with the barrier spell. The minotaur was knocked off the trailer, but was able to grip the side of the trailer. His assault rifle fell from his grasp.

The trailer was now on fire and they were under fire. To make matters worse, the sound of incoming aircraft made it that much worse. It was time to bug out. Catalyst and a chase vehicle made their way to where they were. Meanwhile, the minotaur launched grenades from his cyber arm weapon. The livestock trailer that was inbetween them took a few of them. The sounds of screaming livestock and the smell of burned animal flesh permeated the area. Another hit the cargo trailer that the hijackers were aboard.

When Catalyst was able to finally make it up to where they were, the minotaur made a last ditch shot. The grenade landed in front of the vehicle, but detonated too soon. The pair safely, with the aid of Koalin’s magic, left the burning trailer and made it into the jeep. They split off to head for the meeting point as the air support arrived. They left just in time to avoid being found. While they did not get the targeted number of trailers, they did pull one cargo and one water tanker trailer. One of the Bronze members latched up to the remains of the rear support vehicle, well what remained of it, as well. A total of twelve Bronze members were lost in the raid, but was the cargo worth it?

1 thought on “Session 19 /20 — The Big Score

  1. “It makes no sense!” he cried, and flung the single use pad with it’s offending focus formula across the abandoned water tower. The storage tank for the tower had been empty when they moved in so it was a simple thing to cut a whole in it, make a door and then add a few pieces of furniture. Now it was his little haven, his lodge, and sometimes his bed room. Sighing in frustration Kaolin slipped out the door and climbed up to the top of the tank, and stared off at the horizon. A rare dark storm cloud was coming through, threatening to moisten the dirt caked on everything. 
    He’d been trying to figure out how to follow the formula for the power focus that they’d recently found. The words and the instructions made perfect sense, taken one step at a time. But the whole was complete garbage to him. Reading the instructions felt like looking at one of M.C. Escher’s buildings. Put a spot light on it and each part looked perfectly reasonable. But when you pulled back and looked at the whole, you realized that everything you understood to be workable was false. 
    In the back of his mind Kaolin realized that part of his frustration was with magic in general. During the recent heist, running on the train, his spells had not been of much use. Sure, he took out one (ONE!) vehicle, making it easier for their allies, but even with that, his aim had been off: He’d been aiming to get an earlier car in the hopes of making a pile up. His other efforts to deal with the Mr. Grenade-hands had been less than satisfactory. And what demented mind ever thought of combining a crossbow and an assault rifle?
    As the dark clouds drifted closer, Kaolin realized that burying himself in magic wasn’t going to address their biggest need. They needed info. Info about who was attacking them, info about who they were hitting on, about what their options were. While some of his current spells would help that, they would help only if they talked to folks that knew. So, magic couldn’t solve all problems. He’d have to go back to basics and work on some social skills.
    As he started to climb down from the tower a reminder chimed from his new commlink…A reminder that the wards needed refreshed. Kaolin sighed.

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