Outlaws MC — Roll Call

The Outlaws MC is a bikie gang that operates out of Melbourne, Australia.  The MC is pushing into new territory and setting up a new chapter in Perth, Australia.  These patched members will be establishing the chapter and working to expand and grow it.

Kaolin — Aspected Mage — Played by Hugh


Tall and thin, with long limbs, and short torso he still manages to move with an elegance that is entrancing. However you also get the impression that a strong breeze would blow him over. His dark brown complexion is as obvious as his bald head. Kaolin caries a sub-machine gun poorly, and a combat knife that shows a lot of wear. His clothes are worn, and his bike shows hard wear. Scrapes and slight dings on the bike, along with a few stuck twigs gave evidence of heavy off-road use. The second seat of his bike has a large bag or backpack strapped to it.

Edward “Catalyst” Kelley — Chemist/Demolitions Expert — Played by Eric


Behind the goggles and wry grin of the 5’10”(178 cm), 150 lbs Native Australian, are the constantly shifting jade eyes of a mind whose gears are always turning. A young 20 years old, with dusty blonde wavy hair and moderately fair freckled skin, Kelley is not particularly imposing even wearing the full length armored jacket with full Outlaws colors and Brewmeister badge. Even his impressively customized chrome cyberarm is obscured mostly by the jacket, visible only at the hand. This is very much on purpose, as even though the technology allows him precision and strength he could not dream of with his meat body, it is also a constant reminder of the fateful day when he lost his father. He wears a utility belt of sorts, with vials of various enchanted liquids towards the front and an array of grenades towards the back. Finally, he typically wears dark khaki colored cargo pants, with the pockets filled with various minerals with mana levels suited to be used as reagents and other miscellany for use in “on-the-go” alchemical preparations.

Crane — Accountant/Sniper — Played by Diether


Dust covers the brown western boots of the scrawny long-legged figure entering the premises. An unexceptional six feet tall, wearing short brown hair interspersed with grey streaks, he could be the average human low level wage slave. However, his nose held up high, he enters with such a winning smile under a wide-brimmed leather hat showing off a ribbon of rattle snake skin, everybody can feel the presence of an unfaltering free spirit. He moves his shoulders and arms distinctively as being ready to jovially embrace anyone coming close. His tanned skin is marked with wrinkles from a lifetime of laughing, and a tattooed silhouette of a crane on his left cheek. His heavy biker clothes presenting a brownish retro chic complete his unusual appearance.