Quoth the Raven: The Sewing Circle

It’s Sunday, so its my first day for the Sewing Circle! Totally excited. I got a meeting reminder alert, Irma and Freia were bringing snacks and Hilda is going to show us how to make Dog Ear Pockets. I have no idea what those are, so I had to do some searching on the Matrix. Holy drek, those look nice. Its a slow day today, so I logged onto the HorizonTube and watched some instructional trids on how to do some basic sewing. I was able to a good start on the stocking cap and decided to save the rest for the meeting.

So there we were, just talking about random stuff. Bright was somewhere at the co-op, I thought I seen him around.  Irma and Hilda were arguing about which stitch she should use, when we heard some noise from outside. It sounded like … gunfire. When the next round of gunfire came, Oma and I exchanged knowing glances as we took up position by the windows to see what was going on. The chrome-heads were shooting the place up. They gunned down the security and started firing on other innocent people. This wasnt a hit, this was just …. random violence.

They pulled up in a van that was next to them. I didnt want them to escape, so I called Falcon to disable it. I didnt have any weapons with me since the assault rifle was a bit much to bring to the co-op, they would likely frown upon that. NOTE TO SELF — buy a small automatic for just such occasions. Oma started casting spells and summoned some spirits of her own to confuse the attackers, so started visualizing these hammers smacking down on the attackers cyberwear and weapons.

Then the shock of what I seen next still brings a smile to my face. I should have expected it though, from the stories they told, but the three old (use this term loosely) ladies pulled out pistols and started opening fire …. and they were good!

I noticed Bright’s icon present, so I hopped into VR joined in the fight. I noticed the concerned look on Oma’s face as I dropped into VR. I only then realized that I have not done this before in front of her. Drek … I sent her a quick message letting her know I was alright.

Long story short, we made quick work of the gangers. Once they were all either dead or had fled, I grabbed my medkit and ran out to see if I could help anyone that was hurt. Oma filed in right behind me to help with magical healing where she could. “Is she going to start asking questions about what happened … drek, what would I say?” I thought to myself. “I am usually pretty careful about dropping into VR since I don’t have a deck, people might start wondering.

She didn’t ask or say anything, we were mostly just silent as we triaged the scene. I was able to help save one victim atleast, most of the others were dead. This guy … I know I have seen him before, but where. He had some gunshot wounds to the abdomen, so I got the medkit working and stabilized him when the medics and security showed up. They loaded him up in the wagon and took him to the hospital. Afterwords, some reporters started sniffing around for the scoop and had seen what I did. I really didn’t want to draw any attention to myself or the team, so I kept my statement vague as possible and from an anonymous source. I gave the reason that I didn’t want any retaliation from the chrome-heads.

I checked in on Hans, the shooting victim, later that day and he was doing good. We talked a good few hours about random drek and exchanged contact information. It was then I realized that he was the bartender at the Event Horizon. I told him I would talk to him again once he was out of this place and left. As I left the hospital, I sent out Goose to find out what he can on the Matrix about Hans.

Soon after, we all got messages about another job. The meeting was at the usual place, the Event Horizon, of course, but something about this job seemed odd. When we arrived, a known fixer told us that the job we were getting offered was a good thing for everyone. It struck me as odd, so I was on edge for the meet. The Johnson needs help finding and stopping a serial killer that is loose. Ends up he is a detective and their hands were tied, so he is turning to the shadows for help. Of course, I was all for stopping a killer, but something was still off about this whole thing. I brushed it all aside as we agreed to do it and started planning. There was no timeframe, but the sooner the better.

~~Quoth the Raven ~~

Quoth the Raven: The Chamber Door

I laid there in bed staring at the ceiling … my eyes wide open. My body was weak and weary from the last few days, but I just couldn’t get any sleep. Thoughts of the events over the past few days run through my mind. I shut them out and soon they stop. I could feel my body start to relax and my mind slip off into sleep … then BAM! Wide awake again.

I continued to lay there in bed, staring at the ceiling. I could feel my flock around me as I laid there motionless. Perhaps, if I don’t move, they will go away, I thought. I blocked myself into a room in the Matrix, something I tend to do when I want to hide from the world. But even that wouldn’t work. The room is designed like a library from the 5th World. Books on all sorts of topics covered the shelves along the walls. A little reading nook with a comfortable chaise lounge chair sat next to a large window.

Just outside of the window was a huge crag of a tree. There was no leaves on this tree and the branches seemed to just exist for birds to perch on. The sky was filled with an overcast of soft grey clouds when a hole every now and then to let in a beam of sunlight. I knew this was just on the Matrix and that its not real, but this place relaxes me. Well normally it does.

I had just opened a book that I have been reading when I heard a knocking. Only the room did not have a door, only book lined walls and the window. I put down the book and asked “who is knocking?” But then there was nothing more.

The knocking continued, but I attempted to ignore the constant tapping on the chamber door. Outside the window, birds started lining up on the branches of the crag. I screamed out “Who the frag is knocking, there is nothing to knock on?” A simple response came back. A whispered tone said “Lenore.”

Now this has gotten my attention, as I don’t really use this name. It was my birth name and the one listed on my SIN. Since I became a runner, I suppressed broadcasting it and never go by it anymore. So who was this calling out my name in my Matrix sanctuary. The knocking continued as I paced the walls trying to pinpoint the source, my eyes kept going to the window to see the gathering birds on the crag. Only this and nothing more.

Suddenly, I spot a bird perched at the top of a bookshelf. It just sat there, silently staring out the window, then to me. I screamed at the bird “This is my sanctuary … GET OUT!

Still the bird sat silently.

GET OUT!” I screamed again as I threw the book at it. The book hit the shelf just below the ebony colored bird. It shook its wings and looked at me. “Nevermore

What the Frag?” I thought to myself as this small bird spoke the single word. I paced about the room with an eye on the bird and one out the window.

Who are you?” I asked this bird, perched upon my bookshelf. Only silence came and nothing more.

I paced more and more, keeping my gaze upon this bird as it quielty whispered “Lenore.”

I suddenly stopped instantly in place, my gaze frozen on the bird. Our eyes locked evermore.

Wait a minute,” I thought to myself or atleast I thought I did until I heard the words out loud. Still, I continued with my thoughts.

This is my sanctuary on the Matrix, it exists at the whim of me. I can change it, but then how is this bird in my chamber, sitting on the top of the shelf?” I continued to pace as the thoughts continued. As the number of birds, which now fill the branches of the crag tree out the window, I still did not remove my gaze from upon the bird.

It was then I noticed the loneliness. I flitted about looking around the chamber and only found this bird, sitting at the top of the bookshelf. It seemed much smaller now and almost like it was shrinking. The window grew larger as the bird filled crag came closer. Suddenly I was eye to eye with the bird that sat upon the bookshelf. The little ebony raven just sat there staring. When our eyes me, it again whispered “Lenore“.

Just as suddenly, the madness that raced threw me just stopped. I kept the gaze of the raven and the chamber melted away. I found myself back in my room, staring at the ceiling again. My mind still reeling from the raven that sat upon the bookshelf. Its a feeling that I will shake … nevermore.

~~Quoth the Raven~~

Quoth the Raven: Fire and Ice

We all sat there and discussed how we were going to accomplish this job. We had the basic information we needed and knew that the shipment was arriving in a couple of days. After surveying the area, we decided to post up on the roof of an abandoned warehouse that was across the street. From there we will be able to keep eyes on everything going on. We were going to post up the day before, about mid-day, and stay through the night since we didnt know what time the truck was going to arrive.

I spent some time in the day to bring forth a Falcon. Not sure if he will be needed, but in case I needed him, he will be there. Unfortunately, I was not able to get very much sleep at all again. I met up with the team still tired and sore from the previous day.

I tried the front door of the warehouse, but couldnt get it open so I waited for Bright. We both tried and started to draw attention when we couldnt get it open. Instead, we found another way in that was more hidden. Once the rest of the team arrived, we moved up the rackety stairs to the roof access and took up our posts. I brought along my assault rifle and positioned it for ease of use, just in case.

So the plan was to have Oma summon a fire elemental, some sort of magic thing, and have it destroy the contents in the warehouse. I had Pidgeon place a cookie on the delivery truck to track it back to where it came from. Once the truck left, all hell broke loose. The spirit did its job and was able to destroy the warehouse. Rune used some magic to further cause chaos while Bright left the data chip in one of the leader’s commlinks. Once it appeared that the gangers were getting their wits, and we confirmed the destruction of the drugs, we decided we would make a break for it.

As a distraction to cover our route, Bright hijacked a car and made it speed off as if they were us. We went out the back and met up with Ratchet’s bulldog. The job was completed without a hitch. We found that the suppliers were members of the Turkish mafia. Not sure what their presence is currently or if they may be moving on additional territory, but will need to follow up with the Vory just in case.

~~Quoth the Raven~~

Quoth the Raven: A New Job

So I received a message from the Event Horizon. This is a club where shadowrunners, or those that want to appear like they are, gather. When I contacted Bright, he too received a message. Thats good, I feel like I can trust Bright. Others are not so understanding when I help on the Matrix. They don’t understand how I do what I do without a cyberdeck, and to be honest, neither do I. Bright is different though, he welcomes my help and doesn’t pry into the how or why’s. When it comes to my abilities and my flock, I don’t have the answers to the questions that people ask, things just seem to happen when I think about them. I am straying a bit, so lets get back to the meet.

We arrived there, had to take mass transit and walk since the fraggin car broke down, and met up with the rest of the team. I have seen them before and know of them, but I haven’t worked with either of them before. There’s Rune, who is a dwarf. Seemed nice enough and he is apparently a mage. Then there is Ratchet. She, atleast I think she is a she, is a rigger that likes her drones apparently. Its hard to get a reading on her and not sure why. She seemed friendly enough and helped out on the legwork with her drones, but there was something off-putting about her.

When we all arrive, we meet with an older lady that explains there are some gang problems with the community farming co-op. This got my attention since I tend to spend quite a bit of time there helping out. As she was explaining this, another older woman burst in. I was a bit surprised that there were no weapons drawn when this happened since it was completely unexpected. Apparently, this woman known as Oma, has a history with the Johnson. They started bickering back and forth and there was mention of a sewing circle that the Johnson wasn’t invited to and she was still sore about it. Not thinking much of it, I interjected myself in the spat and asked about the sewing circle. This got me an invite to it and it is weekly on Thursdays. I have been meaning to lean more about sewing, so why not.

After the interruption, we continued on with the meeting. However, it seemed that the Johnson kept secretly glaring at me since I was invited to the sewing circle. The gang, known as the Cyber Sons of Salvation were encroaching on new territory, which included the farming co-op. They got a new supplier of drugs and started pushing further and further. The other powers at be wanted to send them a message about this encroachment, but not ignite a full out war with them.

The job seemed simple enough, we find out where the drugs are being kept and eliminate their supply, then leave a datachip in a conspicuous location that will have a message for them. If possible, we could find out who the new supplier is. After the meet was completed, we met elsewhere in the club where we can talk more and discussed how to find out where the drugs were being stored. The decision was made to scope out one of the drug peddler’s corners and see what info we can get from them. It was decided that the corner near the co-op would work best.

So to make a long story a little shorter, the corner was run by a chrome dome meathead. Bright hacked into his commlink and was able to get some info from it. Ratchet had one of her drones follow him and I asked a pigeon from my flock to monitor his commlink. In the end, we learned the location of a storage facility and started scoping it out. Seems like its a legitimate business during the day and is run by the gang at night. Now that we have a target, we need to develop a plan of attack to break into the place, clean it out and leave the message … all without leaving a trace that we were ever there.

~~Quoth the Raven~~

Quoth the Raven: Fragging Jackrabbit!

Its not every day that something you depend on fails. Except with me. Today my car broke down and for good. The ten year old Jackrabbit was already on its last leg and today, the engine finally blew. There I was at a stop light when the lights started flashing, smoke started billowing out of the hood and oil spilled out onto the street. It was so embarassing. Normally, I would just have the jackass fix it, but he can go frag himself. As far as I know, he set this up to happen. Fragging asshole. So now I dont have a car and taking public transportation or a cab to meets and runs. Yeah, nothing says “professional shadowrunner” like a bus pass ….

So one of the first things I need to get when some of this nuyen comes in is a new car. Dont need anything fancy, but just one that works. Maybe a truck or a motorcycle … Yeah, a motorbike would be sweet. One of those hot rod speed bikes that used to come into the shop alot. Could get one of those Harleys that fragface wants. Ride it by him and rub it into his, and his slitch’s face.

I am getting off track here. I do need to get a new vehicle, one reasonable and common enough to not raise suspicion while on runs. For now, I need to just leave this piece of drek here and get a cab to the store. Gah, just need a redo on today.

~~Quoth the Raven~~

Quoth The Raven: Introductions Aside

Everything has a Price.” A fact that I am learning more and more each day. It seems to have been a downward spiral ever since I lost my job a couple of months ago. I was a receptionist in an office complex. The job was easy, but I was a drone. I was couped up behind a desk and had to hide my conversations that I had with my flock. More on them to come later.  Sven, my husband … well ex-husband now, left me soon after that. He said the cliche “Its not you, its me.” Well that was true, it was him. It was him that went outside the marriage with some ork slitch that he did some body work for. He too did not understand my flock … nobody does. Hell, most of the time I dont.

So now I am in debt up to my eyeballs and I dont expect Sven to help with anything, eventhough most of the debt is his. Getting a regular job is tough to come by, so what do I do? I sign up to do some shadow work. All the time I spent at the gun range with the Colt Inception, strangely a wedding gift from a family friend, has paid off and I have gotten pretty fraggin good at using it. The flock helps me out as well. Not sure how they do, I just think it and they do it. Nobody else can see them, but me. But hey, they keep me company atleast.

I get a line on a fixer from a friend of a friend person. They had me “audition” for them in order to prove my skills. I guess they were impressed as they told me they will be in touch. It was just shooting stuff, the flock didnt help me out much with that. But anyways, to pass the time, until I can get some work I took up doing a little blogging. Mostly about various products and drek. I will be sure to share some of the work, but some may be too sensitive to share.

Now that I am a shadowrunner, I needed an identity. Got me a fake SIN, since I didnt want to use my real one, and got a fake press pass. This should be able to get me in places or such as needed. Will also help lend credit to being a blogger. Now I just needed a code name … Raven … yes, that will work. See, my flock does help me when I need it. I will be called Raven

~~Quoth the Raven~~