Quoth The Raven: Introductions Aside

Everything has a Price.” A fact that I am learning more and more each day. It seems to have been a downward spiral ever since I lost my job a couple of months ago. I was a receptionist in an office complex. The job was easy, but I was a drone. I was couped up behind a desk and had to hide my conversations that I had with my flock. More on them to come later.  Sven, my husband … well ex-husband now, left me soon after that. He said the cliche “Its not you, its me.” Well that was true, it was him. It was him that went outside the marriage with some ork slitch that he did some body work for. He too did not understand my flock … nobody does. Hell, most of the time I dont.

So now I am in debt up to my eyeballs and I dont expect Sven to help with anything, eventhough most of the debt is his. Getting a regular job is tough to come by, so what do I do? I sign up to do some shadow work. All the time I spent at the gun range with the Colt Inception, strangely a wedding gift from a family friend, has paid off and I have gotten pretty fraggin good at using it. The flock helps me out as well. Not sure how they do, I just think it and they do it. Nobody else can see them, but me. But hey, they keep me company atleast.

I get a line on a fixer from a friend of a friend person. They had me “audition” for them in order to prove my skills. I guess they were impressed as they told me they will be in touch. It was just shooting stuff, the flock didnt help me out much with that. But anyways, to pass the time, until I can get some work I took up doing a little blogging. Mostly about various products and drek. I will be sure to share some of the work, but some may be too sensitive to share.

Now that I am a shadowrunner, I needed an identity. Got me a fake SIN, since I didnt want to use my real one, and got a fake press pass. This should be able to get me in places or such as needed. Will also help lend credit to being a blogger. Now I just needed a code name … Raven … yes, that will work. See, my flock does help me when I need it. I will be called Raven

~~Quoth the Raven~~