Quoth the Raven: The Sewing Circle

It’s Sunday, so its my first day for the Sewing Circle! Totally excited. I got a meeting reminder alert, Irma and Freia were bringing snacks and Hilda is going to show us how to make Dog Ear Pockets. I have no idea what those are, so I had to do some searching on the Matrix. Holy drek, those look nice. Its a slow day today, so I logged onto the HorizonTube and watched some instructional trids on how to do some basic sewing. I was able to a good start on the stocking cap and decided to save the rest for the meeting.

So there we were, just talking about random stuff. Bright was somewhere at the co-op, I thought I seen him around.  Irma and Hilda were arguing about which stitch she should use, when we heard some noise from outside. It sounded like … gunfire. When the next round of gunfire came, Oma and I exchanged knowing glances as we took up position by the windows to see what was going on. The chrome-heads were shooting the place up. They gunned down the security and started firing on other innocent people. This wasnt a hit, this was just …. random violence.

They pulled up in a van that was next to them. I didnt want them to escape, so I called Falcon to disable it. I didnt have any weapons with me since the assault rifle was a bit much to bring to the co-op, they would likely frown upon that. NOTE TO SELF — buy a small automatic for just such occasions. Oma started casting spells and summoned some spirits of her own to confuse the attackers, so started visualizing these hammers smacking down on the attackers cyberwear and weapons.

Then the shock of what I seen next still brings a smile to my face. I should have expected it though, from the stories they told, but the three old (use this term loosely) ladies pulled out pistols and started opening fire …. and they were good!

I noticed Bright’s icon present, so I hopped into VR joined in the fight. I noticed the concerned look on Oma’s face as I dropped into VR. I only then realized that I have not done this before in front of her. Drek … I sent her a quick message letting her know I was alright.

Long story short, we made quick work of the gangers. Once they were all either dead or had fled, I grabbed my medkit and ran out to see if I could help anyone that was hurt. Oma filed in right behind me to help with magical healing where she could. “Is she going to start asking questions about what happened … drek, what would I say?” I thought to myself. “I am usually pretty careful about dropping into VR since I don’t have a deck, people might start wondering.

She didn’t ask or say anything, we were mostly just silent as we triaged the scene. I was able to help save one victim atleast, most of the others were dead. This guy … I know I have seen him before, but where. He had some gunshot wounds to the abdomen, so I got the medkit working and stabilized him when the medics and security showed up. They loaded him up in the wagon and took him to the hospital. Afterwords, some reporters started sniffing around for the scoop and had seen what I did. I really didn’t want to draw any attention to myself or the team, so I kept my statement vague as possible and from an anonymous source. I gave the reason that I didn’t want any retaliation from the chrome-heads.

I checked in on Hans, the shooting victim, later that day and he was doing good. We talked a good few hours about random drek and exchanged contact information. It was then I realized that he was the bartender at the Event Horizon. I told him I would talk to him again once he was out of this place and left. As I left the hospital, I sent out Goose to find out what he can on the Matrix about Hans.

Soon after, we all got messages about another job. The meeting was at the usual place, the Event Horizon, of course, but something about this job seemed odd. When we arrived, a known fixer told us that the job we were getting offered was a good thing for everyone. It struck me as odd, so I was on edge for the meet. The Johnson needs help finding and stopping a serial killer that is loose. Ends up he is a detective and their hands were tied, so he is turning to the shadows for help. Of course, I was all for stopping a killer, but something was still off about this whole thing. I brushed it all aside as we agreed to do it and started planning. There was no timeframe, but the sooner the better.

~~Quoth the Raven ~~

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