Quoth the Raven: Fragging Jackrabbit!

Its not every day that something you depend on fails. Except with me. Today my car broke down and for good. The ten year old Jackrabbit was already on its last leg and today, the engine finally blew. There I was at a stop light when the lights started flashing, smoke started billowing out of the hood and oil spilled out onto the street. It was so embarassing. Normally, I would just have the jackass fix it, but he can go frag himself. As far as I know, he set this up to happen. Fragging asshole. So now I dont have a car and taking public transportation or a cab to meets and runs. Yeah, nothing says “professional shadowrunner” like a bus pass ….

So one of the first things I need to get when some of this nuyen comes in is a new car. Dont need anything fancy, but just one that works. Maybe a truck or a motorcycle … Yeah, a motorbike would be sweet. One of those hot rod speed bikes that used to come into the shop alot. Could get one of those Harleys that fragface wants. Ride it by him and rub it into his, and his slitch’s face.

I am getting off track here. I do need to get a new vehicle, one reasonable and common enough to not raise suspicion while on runs. For now, I need to just leave this piece of drek here and get a cab to the store. Gah, just need a redo on today.

~~Quoth the Raven~~

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