Quoth the Raven: A New Job

So I received a message from the Event Horizon. This is a club where shadowrunners, or those that want to appear like they are, gather. When I contacted Bright, he too received a message. Thats good, I feel like I can trust Bright. Others are not so understanding when I help on the Matrix. They don’t understand how I do what I do without a cyberdeck, and to be honest, neither do I. Bright is different though, he welcomes my help and doesn’t pry into the how or why’s. When it comes to my abilities and my flock, I don’t have the answers to the questions that people ask, things just seem to happen when I think about them. I am straying a bit, so lets get back to the meet.

We arrived there, had to take mass transit and walk since the fraggin car broke down, and met up with the rest of the team. I have seen them before and know of them, but I haven’t worked with either of them before. There’s Rune, who is a dwarf. Seemed nice enough and he is apparently a mage. Then there is Ratchet. She, atleast I think she is a she, is a rigger that likes her drones apparently. Its hard to get a reading on her and not sure why. She seemed friendly enough and helped out on the legwork with her drones, but there was something off-putting about her.

When we all arrive, we meet with an older lady that explains there are some gang problems with the community farming co-op. This got my attention since I tend to spend quite a bit of time there helping out. As she was explaining this, another older woman burst in. I was a bit surprised that there were no weapons drawn when this happened since it was completely unexpected. Apparently, this woman known as Oma, has a history with the Johnson. They started bickering back and forth and there was mention of a sewing circle that the Johnson wasn’t invited to and she was still sore about it. Not thinking much of it, I interjected myself in the spat and asked about the sewing circle. This got me an invite to it and it is weekly on Thursdays. I have been meaning to lean more about sewing, so why not.

After the interruption, we continued on with the meeting. However, it seemed that the Johnson kept secretly glaring at me since I was invited to the sewing circle. The gang, known as the Cyber Sons of Salvation were encroaching on new territory, which included the farming co-op. They got a new supplier of drugs and started pushing further and further. The other powers at be wanted to send them a message about this encroachment, but not ignite a full out war with them.

The job seemed simple enough, we find out where the drugs are being kept and eliminate their supply, then leave a datachip in a conspicuous location that will have a message for them. If possible, we could find out who the new supplier is. After the meet was completed, we met elsewhere in the club where we can talk more and discussed how to find out where the drugs were being stored. The decision was made to scope out one of the drug peddler’s corners and see what info we can get from them. It was decided that the corner near the co-op would work best.

So to make a long story a little shorter, the corner was run by a chrome dome meathead. Bright hacked into his commlink and was able to get some info from it. Ratchet had one of her drones follow him and I asked a pigeon from my flock to monitor his commlink. In the end, we learned the location of a storage facility and started scoping it out. Seems like its a legitimate business during the day and is run by the gang at night. Now that we have a target, we need to develop a plan of attack to break into the place, clean it out and leave the message … all without leaving a trace that we were ever there.

~~Quoth the Raven~~

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