Quoth the Raven: Fire and Ice

We all sat there and discussed how we were going to accomplish this job. We had the basic information we needed and knew that the shipment was arriving in a couple of days. After surveying the area, we decided to post up on the roof of an abandoned warehouse that was across the street. From there we will be able to keep eyes on everything going on. We were going to post up the day before, about mid-day, and stay through the night since we didnt know what time the truck was going to arrive.

I spent some time in the day to bring forth a Falcon. Not sure if he will be needed, but in case I needed him, he will be there. Unfortunately, I was not able to get very much sleep at all again. I met up with the team still tired and sore from the previous day.

I tried the front door of the warehouse, but couldnt get it open so I waited for Bright. We both tried and started to draw attention when we couldnt get it open. Instead, we found another way in that was more hidden. Once the rest of the team arrived, we moved up the rackety stairs to the roof access and took up our posts. I brought along my assault rifle and positioned it for ease of use, just in case.

So the plan was to have Oma summon a fire elemental, some sort of magic thing, and have it destroy the contents in the warehouse. I had Pidgeon place a cookie on the delivery truck to track it back to where it came from. Once the truck left, all hell broke loose. The spirit did its job and was able to destroy the warehouse. Rune used some magic to further cause chaos while Bright left the data chip in one of the leader’s commlinks. Once it appeared that the gangers were getting their wits, and we confirmed the destruction of the drugs, we decided we would make a break for it.

As a distraction to cover our route, Bright hijacked a car and made it speed off as if they were us. We went out the back and met up with Ratchet’s bulldog. The job was completed without a hitch. We found that the suppliers were members of the Turkish mafia. Not sure what their presence is currently or if they may be moving on additional territory, but will need to follow up with the Vory just in case.

~~Quoth the Raven~~

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