Episode 1.2: Did Somebody Say Uno?

Cast of Characters

  • Nova
  • Karsyx
  • Tatcher

The team of Nova, Karsyx and Tatcher find themselves in a stolen Imperial Lambda-Class shuttle. The made the hyperspace jump away from Lothal, just as the Empire occupied it, successfully. Karsyx was able to successfully disable the shuttle’s transponder so that the Empire would not be able to track them. Now they sit in an unremarkable point in space and discussing where to go next. They review the bounty sheet for Tresc and the last known activity was that they hijacked a shipment of supplies that was headed towards the colony on Nystixia, which was rumored to be friendly to the Rebellion. Nova made the decision to travel there and start the investigation.

The coordinates were put into the navicomputer and they made the jump. However, when they drop out of hyperspace, they spot an Empire star destroyer in orbit. The Empire was already here! The destroyer hailed the shuttle on comms about their intentions and to turn on their transponder immediately. The team had the droid perform these actions and sent over its identification. The information was accepted, but when further pushed on why the transponder was turned off, things started to turn bad. The droid, which the team designated as B1-7C(h), was an Imperial droid and loyal to the Empire. It informed the destroyer of what was going on and was instructed to head to towards the capital ship and dock. The droid started to do this, but Karsyx tried to slice into the droid to reprogram it. This failed, so Nova blasted it with her blaster and destroyed the droid.

Just before the shuttle could get into tractor beam range, they quickly made the jump to a nearby “safe” location to get away. They ended up in another unremarkable point in space. Now they have decided they need to get rid of this shuttle before it causes any further issues. Nova knows of a trader on Tattooine that may purchase the ship and have some available to purchase. They went ahead and set the coordinates and made the jump to Tattooine.

During the hyperspace travel, Karsyx slices into the Empire’s computer systems. He performs a background check on the pirate crew. The entire crew comes up with a clean background. This is suspicious since they have been active for quite some time. Furthermore, the check reveals that one of the crew members is the nephew of Teerka the Hutt. Karsyx cleaned up his trail and exited out of the system. The rest of the time was spent playing an intense game of Uno.

Once they arrived at Tattooine, they met with Nova’s Toydarian contact about selling the ship. They haggled back and forth and finally agreed on a price to sell the shuttle, at a steep discount since it was Imperial, and will put it towards a new ship that he has. The remaining amount will need to be repaid back of course. Now the team is touring the selection of ships that they can choose from.

Behind the Scenes — Dude, Where’s My Ship?

The camera pans in on an overhead shot of the Jade Phoenix. In a dark corner, there is a shady group of individuals standing there, casing the hanger bay.

Is this the ship?” One of them asks in a quiet voice.
Another pulls out a datapad and reviews it. “Yes, the transponder on this matches.

The group looks around and finding no security, they start to move towards the ship. Suddenly, the whine of a pair of tie fighters whiz past the hanger bay. Another pair of shuttles pull in and land. The doors of the shuttles open and squads of storm troopers start to empty out of them. Looking overhead, a star destroyer is hanging in orbit as another one appears after dropping out of hyperspace.

Shit, the Empire is here!” One exclaims. “We need to get the ship and get the hell off this rock.

The group quickly runs to the ship and enters it. It seems the storm troopers were not paying attention, that is until the freighter starts to take off. As it leaves the hanger bay, warning shouts from the troopers are yelled. The freighter continues on its way, but is met with resistance. A trio of tie fighters take up position behind the freighter.

Unidentified freighter, by order of the Emperor you are to land the ship immediately. Lothal is under Empire control and the spaceport is closed. Land the ship immediately and prepare to be boarded. Failure to comply will result in the destruction of your ship.

Shit …” The leader of the group removes the astromech droid that was piloting the ship and shoots it with his blaster. “You two, take up the guns. We are going to fight our way out.” The others take up positions in the turrets and begin firing on the tie fighters.

The freighter loops, turns and rolls out of the cannon fire of the tie fighters as its gunners return fire. They are able to take out a couple of the them before reaching space, but there is no much activity. They are not able to make the jump to hyperspace until the clear the blockade. The twists and turns continue as more tie fighters join the fight. When the freighter reaches the blockade, the star destroyers start firing on it with its cannons. The Phoenix gunners are able to take out the tie fighters, but a few shots from the destroyer penetrate the shields and breaches the hull. The freighter goes into a spin from the impact, just as the jump to hyperspace is made.

Episode 1.1: Dude, Where’s My Ship?

Cast of Characters

  • Nova
  • Karsyx
  • Tatcher

Nova decided to take on the bounty for Tresc Detaasi, a pirate that has been raiding Hutt Space and is now wanted by one of the Hutt lords. However, the sizable bounty also comes with some pretty hefty threats and legwork that Nova is not equipped to deal with. She contacts a couple of friends she trusts to assist with taking on the bounty with her for an equal share. Karsyx, a Trandoshan slicer she once met in a bar, and Tatcher, a formidable warrior that has came to her aid before, both show up at The Dusty Road Saloon cantina on Lothal. The Old West themed cantina was pretty empty, except for some patrons playing sabaac. They both meet up with Nova in a booth at the back of the bar.

They trio discusses the upcoming bounty and catch up before they head back to the Jade Phoenix. However, on their way out, the four sabaac players decide to lay an ambush for them. Unfortunately for them, Karsyx spotted it and warned the others. There was a quick exchange of blade swinging and blaster fire. For a moment, the fighting stopped as the unmistakable sound of an Imperial tie fighter screeched overhead. Soon after, shouts and warnings about the Empire pour in from the streets. The trio dispatched the would-be ambushers and rushed outside.

The Empire was indeed here. A pair of Star Destroyers and, what seemed like, hundred of star fighters and shuttle craft were flying about. Up and down the street were squads of storm troopers and Imperial soldiers. The occupation of Lothal has begun.

Nova calmly, almost excitedly, walked along the street towards her spaceship. Meanwhile, the other two were trying to be sneaky but failed. Karsyx ran into a pair of storm troopers and Tatcher nearly did, but veered off at the last moment. Karsyx apologized and went about his way, but before he did, he caught a glimpse of an image on the troopers holodisk. The image looked like Tatcher. Just as he thought that, the pair quickly turn to yell at him to stop, but it was too late. The pair disappeared into the crowd.

They arrive at the spaceport, which is currently on lockdown, and head towards where the Jade Phoenix was parked. To Nova’s surprise, her beloved freighter was GONE. The nearby Empire soldiers were no help, nor did they really care about the missing ship as it left when they were arriving.

Karsyx looked around to see if there was some sort of security cameras or something that he can hack into to see who stole the ship, but it was just to busy. Tatcher chimed in about just “borrowing” one of these Imperial ships. They scanned the busy port and found a Lambda class shuttle, painted all black, that was left unguarded. The ship was empty, so they piled in. The slicer used his abilities to convince the droid pilot to join their cause and use the stored clearance codes to leave.

The shuttle left Lothal with no further issues. Now the team needs to decide on what to do next. Seek out the stolen Jade Phoenix or continue on with finding the bounty?

Campaign Prologue

A long time ago, in a galaxy
far, far away …


The Edge of Triumph and Despair – A Star Wars Story

A civil war that has erupted between the evil Galactic Empire and the Rebellion.  The people and planets of the Outer Rim are starting to feel the clutches of the Imperial forces occupation.  Seizing the opportunities that the war is presenting, the Hutt cartels are also expanding their territories as well.  On the planet of Lothal, a young bounty hunter was just turning in a bounty when another one presented itself.  However, this hunt will require some assistance.  She seeks out help from a Trandoshan slicer and a Besalisk friend for the hunt.  The trio meet up at The Dusty Road Saloon cantina on Lothal and shenanigans occur.  However, unknown to the trio, the Empire has set its sights on Lothal and have begun their occupation of the planet.

Behind the Scenes — Warehouse 33

The warehouse was dimly lit and dusty, perfect for what he needed it for. The sign above the door said “Warehouse 33”, which caused a chuckle. Such a plain and non-nondescript name, again, perfect for what he needed. As he toured the warehouse, which was large enough to hold a small starship, the piles of empty shipping containers and cargo droids would make his operation seem legit. He powered up the droids and gave them commands to start moving the crates around the warehouse. No particular order or anything, just to give the impression that legitimate activities were going on here. After some general cleaning of the place, he had his people start moving in the smuggled crates.

Normally, the smuggler didnt operate out of Nar Shaada, but the latest shipment of prototype blaster rifles would fetch more credits here. Not wanting to draw any unneeded attention, the crates were shipped via a speeder truck between his ship and the warehouse. Once all the crates were transferred, the smuggler began spreading the word through his contacts that he was open for business. He knew that he wouldnt be able to offload the entire shipment, so he decided to sell them off in smaller chunks or as individual weapons. Atleast that is what he thought until he received a message from one of his contacts in the Empire.

The Empire also does not have major operations out of Nar Shaada as well since its controlled by the Hutts, but they do still have a few minor ones out of it. His contact offered to purchase all of the blaster rifles for a pretty hefty sum of credits. They set up a time to exchange and all was set to go. The meeting came and they exchanged credits and loaded the crates up in the speeder truck to be delivered to the Imperial starship.

While the smuggler, Westh, and the Imperial agents were doing their deal just outside the warehouse, a pair of guards were doing a walk through in the warehouse. Then there was blaster fire. Westh tried to reach his guards, but they were unresponsive. Fearing their deal was in danger, the agents sent in the squad of droids to investigate. When even more blaster fire happened and the droids were shot down, the agents loaded into the speeder truck that was loaded with the crates of the prototypes.

Westh went to jump on the back of the speeder truck, where the crates were, to cover their escape. However, once he was up and the truck started to leave, a stream of blaster shots came from the warehouse and hit him square in the chest. The shot knocked him unconscious and he fell from the speeder truck. The truck continued to the ship and the Imperials quickly left Nar Shaada.

Prelude 2: Warehouse 33

Nova found herself at a disadvantage. She had the two guards, one was dead and the other unconscious, and now there was a squad of Imperial droids that stormed into the warehouse. Yes, this was becoming quite the pickle. The young bounty hunter decided on a bold move. She moved into a defensive position behind some crates and set up an ambush. There were a total of seven droids all together, so she aimed for the one that seemed to be in control. She lined up the shot from her hunting blaster and fired.

The shot struck true, however, her position was now compromised and the droid she had shot was still standing. He directed the other droids to open fire on her as she ducked back behind the crates. They exchanged blaster fire and before long, Nova was able to defeat the squad of droids. Afterwards, she checked her wound she received from the droid fire and noticed a figure making a break for a speeder truck. She immediately recognized that he was her acquisition … he was who she was hunting.

In the momentary decision, she lined up the hunting blaster and fired. The blaster was still on the stun setting and the shot hit true. Her acquisition was knocked off the back of the speeder truck as it took off. She quickly bound up her bounty and drug him to cover while she decided what to do next.

Then she spotted an airspeeder that was parked next to the warehouse. She threw the acquisition on it and sped off towards the Jade Phoenix. The trip to the Blastech headquarters on Lothal was uneventful. Nova turned in the acquisition and with a quick check of her license, Nova was paid the full amount for the bounty. Unfortunately, she was not able to recover any of the prototype rifles. She boarded back up in the Jade Phoenix again and contemplated her next move.

Prelude 1: On The Hunt

Nova boarded her freight, the Jade Phoenix, when a notice of a bounty that was available for her. The message came from the mysterious “Spectre.” It appears that the acquisition is wanted on charges of smuggling and industrial espionage. The last known location was in New Vertica on Nar Shadaa. She had RX-89 plug in the coordinates and make the jump to hyperspace.

She arrives to the smuggler’s haven and docked her spaceship. After spending quite a few hours going around to seedy cantinas and other dens of iniquity, she was able to find a contact. Nova slipped some credits to the black marketeer, a one-eyed Klatoonian named Horus, and was able to get some information. There was a nearby warehouse that the smuggler has been using. He went on to say that the acquisition kept his own security force, but the number of personnel is unknown. Furthermore, he made her an offer. He was willing to purchase the prototype blaster rifles that the smuggler was rumored to have, should she come across them, after inspecting and testing them out, of course.

The warehouse was nearby, so the bounty hunter made her way there. The streets were crowded and bustling as she approached the warehouse, which was the size of a starship hanger. She moved about the crowd and cased the place, but it was just to busy and she wasn’t able to get an accurate count of any security guards. Just as she was about to make a move to get in the warehouse, she felt a hand ease on her shoulder. At the end of that hand was a trandoshan that motioned her to follow him. However, Nova had other plans.

She started to move with him, but decided to lose him in the crowd and slip away. As Nova disappeared, she kept her eyes on the trandoshan. Unfortunately, he too slipped into the crowd and disappeared into a nearby cantina named The Deft Bantha. The typical dive bar cantina was dimly lit with neon signs. Just as the streets were crowded, so was the Deft Bantha. Just inside the door and to the left was the bar. The bartender was a muscular aqualish that looked up as Nova walked in, then went back to his work.

There were a couple of other trandoshans in the cantina, but they weren’t the one she was looking for. Nova took her time moving about the bar and found who she was looking for. The trandoshan was sitting in a corner booth with a couple of drinks on the table before him. He caught her eye and motioned for her to take a seat.

The trandoshan introduced himself as “Croc” and offered the young bounty hunter some guidance. He seen that she was about to make some mistakes and offered to assist her as a mentor. However, Nova declined the assistance. The trandoshan stood and finished his drink. He gave her a few words of warning, one that her acquisition was not there and the second was that there was pretty heavy security. After the warning and the drink, he left the bar.

Nova finished her drink and left the bar as well. She calmly went to a nearby merchant stand and was discussing his wares as she waited for an opportunity to get into the small door next to the huge garage doors. Above the warehouse door was a small neon sign that said “Warehouse 33”. After some time at the merchant stand, the merchant was getting impatient as Nova was not purchasing any goods and started to raise a ruckus. This got the attention of a couple of nearby guards, which made their way towards the stall. Just as this happened, Nova noticed the door was still slightly open as someone entered. She quickly went to get in the door, but it slammed shut right as she got there. Undeterred the bounty hunter cooly shifted her stride and headed to another nearby merchant stall.

As she looked around, she noticed that she didn’t catch the eye of anyone else. She again carried on a conversation with the merchant about his wares, again waiting for an opportunity to sneak into the warehouse.

It took longer and the merchant started to get aggressive with her, however, her attention was on the door. The door opened as an individual left the warehouse. This time, she made her move and was able to sneak her way into the warehouse and take cover behind a stack of crates.

All around the dimly lit inside of the warehouse were piles and stacks of crates and a couple of hoverlifters. The lighting in the warehouse prevented Nova from getting a clear look around, so moving from crate stack to crate stack as she went further into the warehouse. About halfway through it, she spotted a pair of human guards that were armed with blaster rifles start to pass by. She easily hid from them as they passed and continued towards the other end of the warehouse.

Not finding what she was looking for, she continued to sneak her way through the warehouse to the other end. There were no crates of the prototype rifles and no other personnel in the warehouse. She decided to make a move on the pair walking around and set up an ambush.

The first guard went down without a hitch and before the second one could do anything, Nova switched her hunting blaster to stun and dropped him. She dragged both of the bodies behind a couple of crates and waited for the unconscious person to come around.

Unfortunately, fate was not kind to Nova as the large garage style doors began to open. In marched the sound of heavy armored footfalls. Imperial  droids announced themselves and instructed anyone in the warehouse to make themselves seen. Looking between the two guards and the droids, Nova found herself in quite the pickle.

Nova Kavos — Prologue

Senator Thaco and Nova meet in a conference room on Alderaan. The Senator is in need of a certain security droid acquired. The droid, designation RK-04 and owned by Jaffan the Hutt, has vital information that the Republic needs regarding recent events. Nova is to travel to Ylesia and meet with the Senator’s operative there, a Bothan name Smitty, to get the details. Once the droid is acquired, the Senator has arranged for a ship on Docking Bay 3 to be used to get Nova and the droid back to Alderaan. There is a shuttle that will take Nova to the spaceport on Ylesia.

The passenger shuttle delivered Nova to the spaceport, where she met up with Smitty. Nova and Smitty had already known each other from previous encounters. The two get caught up with small talk while getting to a quieter location to discuss the details of the job.

Smitty explained that the Hutts have been at odds with the Republic lately. The job is to extract the protocol droid of Jaffica the Hutt. The droid has vital information needed on recent events. The Hutt is on Ylesia and at a nearby cantina. He has a light security detail and the droid is with him. Nova thanked him for the details and proceeded on to the cantina.

The cantina was busy this night. The bar, which was located in the center of the building, was full of patrons. The band was playing while a pair of twi’leks danced for the Hutt. His large slug form sat on the stage while they danced, flanked by his security and the protocol droid was next to him. Nova bought her time and monitored the movements of the security team and the droid.

After some time, a pattern started to emerge. The Hutt would give instructions and a pair of the guards and the droid would go into a backroom. A few moments later, they would return. Nova decided that this would be her opportunity. She snuck off to the room and hid behind some crates. The backroom contained crates of lights and entertainment equipment. There was a desk with terminals and more storage containers. Just as the bounty hunter took up her position, the droid and a pair of guards entered the room. They were discussing a current operation that was going on. There was a freighter on docking bay 7 that was getting a shipment of supplies for the Republic. There was a team of operatives on site. The guards and droid then leave. Nova decided to wait for another opportunity.

Moments later, another guard came in to get a datapad from a crate. Nova made her move. She moved up to question the guard, but when he went for his gun, she shot him down with her blaster. The guards body went down in a heap, dropping the datapad. She picked up the datapad and started to review it. It seemed to contain various shipping routes, manifests and other data. However, when she stashed away the datapad just as a guard tries to open the locked door. Quickly, she quietly lifted the body, dumped it into the crate and hid again. The droid and a single guard came into the empty backroom. When the guard and droid went to withdraw the datapad from the crate, where the body was, Nova again made her move. She lined up her blaster pistol and let loose a shot. The guard dropped in a slump.

The droid tried to leave, but Nova blocked his way out the door. She forced the droid to have a seat by the wall while putting on the guard’s clothes. Unfortunately, the armored clothes were too large and baggy. Once the clothes were on, she tried to convince the droid to quietly come with her, but it failed. The droid started to waive its hands and scream out, but a quick thinking Nova pulled out his voice modulator before the ruckus could be heard. Furthermore, she bound up the droids arms.

Once the way out of the cantina was clear, Nova escorted the silent droid out. The rest of the way to Docking Bay 3 was clear as she loaded up her bounty in the waiting ship and left Hutt Space. She arrived back on Alderaan and handed over the droid, along with the datapad that was stolen as well. Afterwards, she received her payment, did some shopping and proceeded on her way. She boarded her freighter, the Jade Phoenix, and headed on her way. She received a message that another bounty was available. She entered in the coordinates and made the jump to hyperspace.