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Ares Sponsorship

This story arc serves as a way for a character to have the opportunity to join a Megacorporation, Ares Macrotechnology. This, of course, can be any of them. In my game, the character was a decker that had a thing for Ares. The player that played the decker would occasionally guest GM, so during that characters downtime, we went ahead and did this run as an introduction to the arc.

The character will initially be escorted by a team of CorpSec operatives for the first run. In subsequential runs, the character will use his own team, or may use the CorpSec team, depending on how your campaign is set up. In the game I ran, the name of the team was Shakespeare and they were named after prominent Romeo and Juliet characters.

The kicker at the end of the rainbow on this is that the character, and his team if you so choose it, will have the "opportunity" to become a full time member of Ares. With this opportunity, the character will have access to all Ares has to offer, including a great health and retirement plan, and will be required to get a Corp Limited SIN. I chose a total of 5 runs, but yours can be any number of runs. Each run has a set agreed upon price that the character will need to agree to at the initial meet. The character will also need to agree to accept the possibility of joining Ares.